God or sole creator more then a dream real life event's.

People’s the brain is an computer and subconscious is spiritual.
Spiritual is not the afterlife because we are quantum computers brain’s as both have electrons and atom’s.
Guy’s just look at the hidden receptors called the frontal lobs under the wrinkly top layer of brain skin? These lobs are the signal wavelength download and upload. Now look at hipnotised people following commands from soundwaves telling the brain what to do…the receptors… I’m also talking to Psychics bro and read below to blow your mind.

Yes I can do prems but Psychics told me I’m “wait for it” the Sole Creator…read on.

Crazy people’s but I am the sole creator = God “yes I know what your thinking” wtf is he on? Sadly nothing good.

I can do premonitisons and things since I was a kid, but as a kid it was more impossible things like one time defining gravity on the gravetron ride. I walked up to guy in middle why spinning and touching the non spinning poles around him telling him to stop…I could walk upto him and hold onto Poles why moving nit ripping off my arms…I’ll never forget the look on his face like he seen a ghost.
I guess it was also knowing things and things before they happened. I have been like this since an teenager prems and now adult can still do them…

When kid me and my sister and mum drove past Ampol service station at Brighton Adelaide 1993 "google it’ an said to mum “why driving past” that something had blown up at the petrol station. Mum looked back and said no nothing had blown up…Hours after we said that it actually blow up. An petrol tanker blow up filling up the tanks and tanks caught alight somehow not blowing up underground tanks.
The crazy thing is that the houses across the road melted and the paint was dropping down the houses “but yet” the people standing meter away and other people meters away didn’t get burnt or die… Miricle not prem and a force field protected people from explosion and heat.
To add to it me and my sister turned back at same time clamming that and our names are Kelly & Scott and now the fuel tanker that fills up the storage tanks at that petrol station is called K & S energy… energy never dies and us eternal. K & S Kelly & Scott.
The petrol station is now a Caltex petrol station logo if star/sun God.

Apparently I was set up by a powerful company and the Psychics tell me the Jewish. Subconsciously I can tell when people or Psychics talk to me…it’s true.

So they hacked my computer program but once they tried removing some electrons and atom’s from my brain trying to wipe me out. It set off spiritual subconscious that is like an different upload and I can answer people/reply to people before I even hear what the answer or next word is going to be. People close to me and trusted it doesn’t seem to happen much…them psychics I talk to are also the people trying to wipe me out.

I have backup ideas and checkout what I think us my backup computer weapon called “google” double slit shot test. It’s like coded and electrons and particles think “yes” think.
Scientist try record the test results with a camera but the electrons think and start going crazy and like split into two like teleporting. I believe it’s a coded computer program of mine.

Some prems IV done.

Google CEO death after I sent him a message telling him to stop hidding my emails from sender’s or stop delivery of my emails “Gmail” and I said he would die. He died in an rare earthquake claiming shortly after.

Next the 1999 American golfer that died. I seen him boarding the plane and said your going to die as I seen him boarding his plane…he did die in mysterious way…read the Wikipedia info. They KO from loss of cabin pressure instantly? Impossible. IV see an huge arliner lose 20+% of its roof and knowone passed out instantly? They didn’t have time to fly down for min/mins to be at oxygent level? And air mask didn’t deploy? So oxygent mask didn’t deploy and they KO instantly? Not right at all in everyway. You would need a massive huge decompression in a vacuum to even KO + the plane had no signs of a huge hole in the plane as it also flyed for 1 hour after they KO on auto pilot.

Had a car crash at 150km/h = in km/m faster then Paul Walker’s car crash death, and we all survived. The girl in front with no seatbelt hit her head on windscreen and had no head damage? She should of went through the windscreen at 150km/h 1,000%. @jade " won’t let me Tage other mate in car with no seatbelt" he survived with no injerys what so ever.

Umm I survived a 6 story fall back in 2017 and can run and have nothing wrong as in long or term damage.

My watched stopped working around my Gramps death and my sister was at house up at 3an like never before and there for no reason…mass thing.

Electrocuted when kid but arm went numb up to shoulder with no in and out point? Wtf.

Umm I could be here all night telling you more things but the people that tried taking over the Afterlife have failed and the golfer death was done by them working with the CIA…framed for that one that’s for sure because like a psychic hears what to say, I herd it in my head also.

There is an afterlife and to prove it to you look at the hidden receptors called the frontal lobs in the brain? They take a wavelength and upload you on stop it’s like being hipnotised and soundwaves make you do what the soundwaves tells you too.

Mind control from the frontal lobs can stop you getting colds and food/posining. I believe they just down loaded me and up loaded me 2 times thinking they could do it forever “but” I can only be reborn 2 times. The house I lived at next to that petrol station numbers are 321. I believe 3 lives bag universe ends. 321 is also end of universe if they hurt or burn me by charging my electrons in my body. I told them to chuck me off a building in a last warning before universe ending and if they burnt me or killed me universe ends. I said to prove that universe ends if I die I’ll jump chuck me off a building and they fucking did like hypothesized people run it do what told. Anyway apparently After 5 stores you reach max speed like parachuting without a parachute…I survived with no life threating injurys. I woke up in MRI mechine fine day up but they put me into a comer that wasn’t needed.

Anyway Adolf Hitler was under mind control by these people trying to take over of afterlife. He only got full blown Parkinson disease in the last month…war could of been lost any week and cianide posining wouldn’t work why under mind control…framed him. He new he was dead for a year.

I was also in a car crash at 150km/h “faster then Paul Walker’s crash” and survived with f all injerys. The chick in the front had no seatbelt and flow into windscreen 250km,/h dead stop but didn’t get any head injerys wtf? People go through it at half the speed and it was and old car too.

Anyway there’s some things from mass things.

I’m God and come down but got uploaded and stored then reborn, unto this last time that they could reborn me.

This is what me and my sister premonitionsed below. The truck that fills up there now is called K & S energy mine and my sisters name is Kelly and Scott…energy last forever and we are spiritual 100%.



Dude, you make no sense. What in the world are you talking about?

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? Ok read it and make points that I can reply to. Can page adman see what’s happinng?

Just try reading 10 words then go back? Now ask away because people I showed it too on FB could reply??

The brain is an computer? An quantum computer is the same as an brain? They both are made up of electrons and atom’s? The frontal lobs hidden under the wrinkly top layer of brain skin are receptors that take an wavelength that uploads you?

You sure you can’t understand it?


Dude, I’m tellin’ ya, better living thru chemistry. If you would just take prescription/s from a decent psychiatrist, I think that the world would be a better place. I prefer female psychiatrists. They tend to seem more down to earth and relatable to me.


You sure you can’t understand it?

It’s gibberish. What did make even the slightest possible sense caused me to agree with Timb, but said in a nicer way. BTW, it’s obviously not just me in which you make no sense.

To be fair, though, I also know things before they happen. Sunset tonight will be approximately 7:20 PM. Sunrise tomorrow will be approximately 6:39 AM. This is in my location, of course. Results may vary. See store for details. Consult your doctor before starting any psychic regimen. He’ll give you lithium! How cool is that?

Suck on a massive dick toys I know your implanted CIA agents can't wait to get equated with you in da Afterlife.

Mommy moomy without mind control.

If that’s what you’re into I don’t have a problem with that. But leave me out of your sexual fantasies, please.

And for the record, mind-controlled CIA agents waiting for me in the afterlife is way, WAY less scary than the afterlife fantasies I’ve already rejected as ridiculous. You’re not going to scare me with your little devil thing if I’m not afraid of the actual devil.

I don’t think any explanation is required for blocking authorsmith0123

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The guy needs serious psychological help.

THANK YOU! I know it was pointless engaging with him, but my brain has this thing where I can’t let wrong information go past me. I’ve ruined so many jokes for people telling a fib to get a rise out of someone.