Fred from Toronto

Hey everyone, I’m Fred and I’m from Toronto.
I’m new here, I recently started doing a bit of online activism where I copied a show I used to listen to called The Non-Prophets, I call mine The Unholy Corner.
Basically I find news related to religion or atheism and talk about it, sometimes if i find some interesting piece on science I will mention it to, unfortunately I only have 4 episodes out, and it is quite dry because it is just me but hopefully in the future I will have others join the show.
Will try to find a way to make it into a podcast if i can find a way to store the audio files somewhere for free.
Anyways if any of you decide to watch it, please enjoy. A 5th episode will come out in the next few days.
My channel is called s2000fred, or just search for The Unholy Corner…i’m not sure if i am allowed to put links here.

Hi Fred, and welcome to the CFI Forum!
It’s OK to put links to non-commercial sites.
Best of luck on your project!

Welcome Fred. While I am interested in what you have to say I must admit I have no interest in spending almost two hours on one video. I suggest you break your podcast into 30-minute segments to attract more listeners. And please jump into the discussion forums here.

good point, i think i’ll take your advice and further divide it into the different topics i go over.