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Hello all,
through a random acquaintance, I was introduced to Robert Price (he’s a member of CFI). I love his “Human Bible” and “Bible Geek” podcasts.
I’ve also been attending some atheist, humanist and skeptics meeting I found through Another of the groups that popped up is the “CFI” groups.
As of last night I’ve attended 2 different CFI small group meeting. I’ve read the brochure, and looked at the website, but I still don’t quite have a grasp of what it’s all about.
I consider myself to be a free-thinker, skeptic and humanist.

Welcome Watchguy. Happy to have you join us. A good way to get more of a grasp on what CFI and humanism are all about is to read and participate in the discussions here. Give your opinions, ask questions, respond to the posts. You’ll quickly develop a good understanding of “what it’s all about.”

Welcome watchguy. I think you will enjoy it here, so feel free to jump into any discussion that interests you.

@Mriana & Occam
Thank you!