Do you have a long term solution that would be a sound resolve to the issues pertaining to black slavery of the past?

The tanks of hate, of racism and of stupidity are still full. the romanticization of the " lost cause " is still going on, with many false ideas.

80 years after WWII, the lessons are forgotten, Antisemitism flourishes and we have néo nazis.

What is worse, the white superiority complex persists and colored races have become the new scapegoats and being blamed for any current economic woes, which is really caused by the exhaustion of irreplacable natural resources.

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I didn’t mean it couldn’t be solved, or that it would take any certain amount of time, I was focusing more on the difference of a world that is fully populated and can communicate rapidly. That requires a different approach than the way we handled it for thousands of years, the way we could just move on. Not to mention all those weapons we have laying around

Tax all wealth, wherever it squats and whenever it moves. For a start. And feed it in to the education and associated well being of dispossessed children on up. A political fantasy I realise. The neo-fascist legislatures of the states of the Union are already opposing this.

Humans remain a very young species, primitive now and even more primitive when we were buying and selling humans as a lower life form on the open market.

Presently we may still be too primitive evidenced by serious contemporary race issues where issues of race should not exist. It was never about race, it was always and still is about the ignorance of our primitive cognizance of human creation.

The long term solution is knowing all humans are members of the evolving species of humans; we come in different colors, sizes, and shapes.

We can begin to resolve the problem by replacing dishonest written history and racially conceived laws at every level of government. That would go a long way towards resolving the lingering issues of slavery.

How will that be achieved in this post Honesty world we are living in?

I believe we’ve been doing that for quite some time. Humanism has informed society at large. (Or so I like to think).

I think you are right. From a humanist point of view. I was intrigued by the position republicans took at the hearings for a newly appointed nominee for the supreme court. They acted out in an embarrassing way punctuating their narrow-minded bigotry.

We want to make sure history is never repeated by having laws preventing our past mistakes, kinda like Germany which has the strictest law against nazism.
If you do the hitler salute, you go to jail.

Yeah, but what about future generations who tend to forget all the lessons their grandparents had to learn the hard way?

That’s where history usually repeats itself but we hope that people have enough reason NOT to repeat their past mistakes.
We see this with Russia right now where I initially assumed that Putin was a diplomat but it turns out he’s a bit of a dictator with illusions of grandeur.
This of course doesn’t make Americans or The West any better because we have our on share of atrocities too, so we Hope that people in charge are mentally sound enough not to start a world war 3 for example.