The whole white supremacists thing

I’ve been dedicating a pretty good chunk of my periodical reading time to the issue of white supremacy and how it got into the White House, well, back into the White House. I tried the “listen to them” strategy for a while but mostly found a very thin layer of not being heard and plenty of garbage mouth afterwards that no one would want to hear. I live in a rural part of a very white northern state, so I know what not being heard is like, but I also know I’m extremely privileged and can travel safely in any direction I want. As best as I can tell, racism and general ignorance of what freedom means and what capitalism is and what’s in the Bill of Rights, was cordoned off for a few decades, but never went away. Now that people have moved around and can communicate easily across miles, it’s harder to contain.
So, as this guy says, we always knew it was down there in the Deep South, we’re just experiencing it now. ]

Racism was always there, at times it has been widely accepted in public, at its height in the 1920s the KKK had over 4 million members across the US.
What kicked off the current racist insanity in the US is that the country finally elected its first black president and the racists couldn’t pretend that they still live in a mostly racist country. Obama wasn’t just elected once as president he did two full terms.
Racists like trump did everything they could to destroy the Obama presidency while he was still in office and failed. Now they’re after his legacy, they want to make it like Obama was never in the Oval Office.
This will fail, all this obscene crap is doing is making it plain to the majority people who aren’t racist extremists just who is. And when the worm turns - which it always does - then these freaks will be so completely marginalized in society it will be like they never really existed.
Obama was trying to build something better, these sociopaths will destroy society if not opposed.

Racism and white supremacy have always existed over our entire nation. True, some areas have experienced more of it first hand but it is literally every where. A good point is that most Americans have realized how bad it is for all of us and are working to change things. Hopefully we can soon see Confederate Statues removed from public property to places more suitable such as old battlefields or museums.