Do you have a long term solution that would be a sound resolve to the issues pertaining to black slavery of the past?

Please comment below. (I personally have no idea)

Perhaps roundly rejecting the notion of owning other humans and being morally superior to others.

Seeing the panic of the old white guys and the success of their white supremacist brainwashing and the trumpian hysteria among so many Americans, we see how far we are from that.

But, don’t worry, a weather catastrophe is heading to a neighborhood near you, and that will give us all different priorities and these those politics will become part of ancient history. Gonna be some rough days ahead, so many fools and idiots and haters that forgot to keep their eyes on the prize.

There are many social and economic issues, and they have openly discussed solutions, so, yes, basically. But it is not “a” solution, and knowing if it will work long term is very difficult

I don’t know. 40 acres and a mule? In other words, what might resolve it and also N.A. issues, is for the U.S. government to keep and fulfill their promises when they make them. It maybe too late for the 40 acres and a mule. It maybe too late for the promises made to the N.A. too. That said, if the U.S. government started keeping promises from here on out, it MIGHT resolve things, but we all know that’s not going to happen. The U.S. government has never kept promises, except to the rich white man, and they more than likely never will.

The only definite solutions are too extreme for most but they are deportation, establishing a black state or genocide. Everything else has been tried. The cold hard truth is that these problems will be with us until somebody comes along with the will to institute the extreme measures.

That’s as extreme as it gets oneguy. There is no possible defense for that. One thing that has brought countries together is preventing genocides.

Yes, to a point. It really depends on who is being killed that determines the response.

Deport who? Genocide who? You are talking about some of my family members who are half black. If there is a “Black state” there will be some non-Black people living there, like myself, because as I said, my sons are 1/2 Black. Such ideas are the racist and stupid.

It’s extreme and barbaric period. No it isn’t determined by who is being killed as to my response. I do not believe genocide should be committed period!

Can you name a genocide that was internationally accepted? Even the killing that was going on by Conquistadors was not acceptable to many governments and people around the world. It has been a slow trend, but the world is moving away from colonization. Sure, it’s being replaced by global corporations, but they aren’t openly calling for genocide or putting people in some sort of “state”.

I don’t know of any genocides in history that were accepted worldwide. Since the 90s at least, there was Sudan, Rwanda and Bosnia. There was global media coverage of all three and a lot of humanitarian aid sent, but only Bosnia had somebody intervene. I’m sure I’m forgetting dozens of others.

Now that I think about it…very few genocides have ever garnered widespread support because then it probably wouldn’t have happened. The Jews are the first example everybody thinks of when they hear “genocide” but that is not why we declared war on Germany. We didn’t know that was happening until the end, and that was the start of genocide watchdog groups, etc.

Well, just hope the people that share your values stay in power for as long as possible.

I think the values have been around for a long time and will remain. Power might change, but you can’t kill an idea. Especially ideas that are foundational to civilization.

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  1. Who here lives on land you feel was stolen from Indians?
  2. If stolen, then why do you still live here?
  3. Do you own land in America? Will give it back to the Indians? If no, why not?

Playing the blame game of your own race does not make you a better person. Just because you’re a white person blaming white people for all their crimes does not make you less guilty of these crimes. I don’t know how people do this on social media, but it’s a constant.

There’s nothing good I can say about the US that won’t be rebutted by some historical guilt farm as though we live in the worst of the country in the entire world. China has the best tactic, admit to nothing and everything is great. The US was great by improving on recognizing its own flaws, but now recognizing only has become an admission to guilt, and I’ve seen what the cancel culture has done to admitting guilt.

I think the veterans on this forum need to spend much more time on the major social media sites to fully comprehend the seriousness of these issues. If you had, you’d see the direction of where things are headed as hundreds of millions of people if not more follow radical groups demanding Socialism, and even worse yet Communism. China owns many of these sites and is using social manipulation to bend the minds of the younger generation into believing that China is a utopia. My suggestion is to get an account for TikTok, Twitter, Reddit, and Youtube and just browse through to see what you find. Things are getting more extreme than ever, and it’s not a small group by any means. Maybe we need to address the social media issues, and whether people here really believe it’s a problem or not.

They’d better stay in power or it will only prove that stupid people somehow outnumber the intelligent. I think COVID-19 will take care of most of the stupid people though. Sadly, they’ll uncaringly take some of the smart people with them though.

  1. I do.

Because I am part Native American and I have no place else to go. It’s basically the same with my sons who are also part Black.

Nope. I don’t own land, because as the N.A. say, you can’t pick up and take it with you.

Never said it did, but I do cherish my Native American ancestry as well as my British, Irish, Scottish, German, and French. My son, as I said, also have Black and Greek in them. We are truly mutts and don’t belong anywhere. Our race is human and nothing else, so I guess that does make us better than those who think skin colour and ethnicity is race.

We already have this NA topic started. Could we not mess this one up?

True. That was bad on my part.

Values like tolerance for the sake of it and multiculturalism haven’t been around for long. These are extremely rare things only found in WEIRD societies – which are deteriorating as it is.

Something bad is going to happen sooner rather than later.

On social level multiculturalism is a great concept with the only exception of being its host.

That’s not a value. We’re talking about not killing off large populations