Demonic Activity - Need Help

Hey guys let me try this again. Me and a friend done a paranormal Investigation at an abandoned church the other night and all he’ll broke loose. We have never dealt with demonic activity until then. Can someone please watch this video and let us know what it is and how to get rid of it. Thanks.

Demonic Activity in Haunted Church

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Where is smudge stick guy when you need him?

You get a sage smudge stick and a purple candle. It can be a while candle with a purple coating. Get one that’s not too big because you have to leave it burning until it burns out. One of those inch and a half, two inch candles is perfect. Be sure to put it on a platter so that it won’t burn the place down when it gets to the bottom.

First, you light the candle as an offering. Try to put it someplace that is not drafty because it has to burn until it’s gone. If it does go out, the spirits are pretty forgiving. Just relight it. Be sure to light it with a butane lighter, NOT a match or a Zippo. You want a “clean” light. Matches have sulfur, Zippos have soot smoke.

Second, you light your smudge stick on the end until it’s going well, then blow it out so it makes a lot of smoke. Be sure to have some help to hold a dish under the smudge stick as they tend to drop hot coals. You wave the smoke around the entirety of the place, every room, every wall, every corner, while calling on the assistance of whatever spiritual being you believe in. If you don’t believe in any the “white light” will do. Any good, clean, cleansing spirit or deity will do.

Third, if there are any people affected you must smudge them as well. From the front, you start at the heart and go up and around the body, down to the foot. Then you start at the heart again and go down the other side. You do the same from behind. You wave the smoke from the smudge stick at them with your free hand to do this, again, having a friend hold a dish under the smudge stick so you don’t start a fire from the dropping coals.

Then you simply let the candle burn until it’s out. That’s it. Entity dispensed. Repeat as necessary.

I would like to state two things. First, I am NOT watching your video or even clicking on your link. I know an ad when I see one. Second, this is 100% REAL advice from my days as a dispatcher of imagined entities. I had a 100% success rate with putting people’s minds at ease. I don’t believe in this stuff any more, but when I did, this worked every time. The only difference between now and then is that now I’m certain it was all psychological.

No response in days. I can only conclude that either the demon got him or this was some sort of “watch my video!” ad.