Need Help With Paranormal Video

Hi guys. I would really love your feedback on a paranormal Investigation video that we done over the weekend. I caught some kind of pulsating anomoly. But I just dont know what it is. I would really love your feedback. Video below.

Pulsating Spirit Anomoly Video

It kind of looks like dust being lit up by your equipment.

That is definitely dust, and there’s an easy way to show that if the result you got is reproducible.

Decades ago so called “orbs” in photographs were exceedingly rare. It is only as cameras became more compact and the flash or other light source was moved close to the lens that they became a common phenomena. The reason for this is the direction of travel of the light. Since the light source is so close to the lens the light moves in almost a direct line away from the lens. This means that when it’s reflected it moves back in almost a direct line to the lens. Since the lens is designed to focus on a specific point then anything before or after that point is blurred, appearing larger than it actually is, which also makes it appear somewhat transparent. And thus the “orb” is born.

The simple test you can run is to start filming as usual. When you start to see these orbs, turn the camera light off and turn on another light which is aimed at an angle to the camera than directly in line with it. I think you will find that the phenomena disappears immediately when the light is not reflected directly back at the camera lens.