Democracy thread

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What was the decision made by mods particularly after it was clearly stated others must engage in the compliant to mods ?

“Note to other members, from the rules about this section. Don’t comment here.”

Decisions about other members are not your concern

But with glee in shouting when others ( non desirables ) are banned or suspended .

What a profound statement. So this moderator has admitted they will warn and ban a poster for the fascist name calling of a nazi , calling a white supremacist a racist and so on.

"The unaffiliated Moderator or Admin (if such existed, or a representative if not) will return to the thread with the decision. "

Still waiting

What are you waiting for?

Waiting for the moderator to do what they said they will do :joy::rofl:

You must have misinterpreted something I said. Maybe you could be explicit.

Everybody claims I have bias when they get banned. It’s easier to believe that than it is to address their behaviors.

See . Youre not listening

He makes a vaild point. Quick quick lock the thread!!