Hello there. I have arrived

I wish to discuss war, guns, economics, history, corruption , global warming and veganism.

I hope i dont get my head chopped off for having a brain and an opinion that might clash with the group think on the forum

See you soon!

We don’t have group think, so, shouldn’t be a problem


Nah, we just nibble away at it a bit.

Step on down, what’s your flavor. :v:t2:

Well… let’s see, if you can deal with one mod who’s anti-war, anti-gun, anti-racism, feminist, solar and wind supporter, pro-choice, vegetarian, naturalist, humanist, without name calling or cussing anyone out, you’ll do just fine. Not sure what the other mod labels himself. That said, I see a couple things in all of that which we seem to agree somewhat. I’m sure you’ll do just fine.

Yup! That’s pretty much it.

I agree with everything Mriana says. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

I am anti vegan, i don’t like cancel culture bit it from right or left, and so.

I disagree sometimes, and i am comfortable here.

I must confess that I am pro-choice with some limits, and anti-racist, and so.

ROFL! :rofl: Are you trying to keep your nose from growing?

and we still manage to agree to disagree (even though I’m a vegetarian and not vegan). :slight_smile:

Very curious way to introduce yourself, but welcome to the party.

You would have thought the responses would be dont be crazy we dont that around here or this is a safe space and you wont be harassed for your thoughts. Sounds like head chopping is a real possibility here

Wow, this is off to a good start and you’re a funny fella. Please, I’m curious, what kind of response did you expect? It’s obvious you got the attention of a few people and we are curious, who are you?
What did you want to share with others?

Do you want to explain something you believe?
Do you want to argue about something other’s are saying?
Did you have a story to tell, curious to see if anyone else can relate?

I find in my life, at least, the more I put into an effort, the more I get out of it.

I believe I can say is what you have here at CFI forum is few, usually older guys and one very cool lady, looking for an interesting discussion. It really is that simply.

Now if you come and start lying about things that bona fide scientists have learned - then all bets are off - but keep it real, keep it honest, keep it constructive, be yourself and everyone around here will be on your side and perhaps even try to help you tell your own story, if’n you’re hoping for something like that. Or not.

I’m definitely sure that no one here feels any malice towards you, it’s a safe space, welcome prince planet.

Which word didnt you understand? What about if you come on with liberial lies contrary to the historical record ? Are all bets off as well?

Hmmm, okay, so now the question is, if you understood anything about my words?

(So far you haven’t said anything that can be understood one way or another, and now, suddenly I get this whiff of hostility. Did I say something that offended you?)

evil laughter You have no idea.

Seriously, we don’t have a guillotine around here and few heads have rolled.

What he said.

OK now it sounds as though you are looking for a fight. Who says liberals lie? Are vegans liberals? Maybe not. They are a bit radical, so maybe them being liberals is a stereotype. Many humanists are liberals, but not all. Conversations with you could be interesting.

The social progressive economic repressive and pro empire imperialist liberials

Are you passing judement or is there a question in that word salad?


Well? What about it?

Who, what, when, where, and why?

This is going down hill in a hurry. Prince can to tell a story, what are you on about it?

Sloganeering just don’t get it! Show a little class.

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You chopped the end off

You have to be kidding me! The economy is set by the previous administration, not the current one, for starters. And please explain how liberals are “pro empire imperialists” when the Repugs are out to have an authoritarian government, starting with getting up into women’s uteruses and pretending to be doctors when they have no idea that terminating a pregnancy can save a women’s life, keep from having a rapist/incest baby, or even a deformed baby by her daddy due to incest.

Yeah, it is. Very quickly.

Off of what? (I have ideas now)

I’m trying, but the Gloria Steinem is coming out in me.

You are making my point