Dadada disruption

A rather silly thread of confusion and complaining has been going on here

The complaining and arguing about the complaining and arguing is not worth repeating.

The posts that were counter productive, that didn’t contribute, that included points that weren’t really points, began here.

If I am missing some logic or reason to these posts, which I have commented on I would like to hear it. So far, I have only heard more disruptive deflecting and silliness.

I’ve backed off on banning people as much, but, that’s always an option.

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Still complaining. Nothing productive

Yes dadada, you’re still complaining, and you don’t ever seem to produce anything constructive to discuss, which is the point of this forum, well, that is, beyond sharing your bitter cynicism that’s barely hiding a nasty attitude towards people in general.

Since I started this issue, I will accept all comments. If anyone initiates a complaint against the mods, we should follow the guidelines and limit that thread to that person’s input.