We have a third moderator

Please welcome Write4u as our newest mod and wish them the best of luck with the job, albeit a volunteer one. It’s been a while since we’ve had three mods and we’ve finally made our choice for the third person. It wasn’t an easy choice, but Lausten and I are glad Write4u accepted our offer to become a mod. Thanks again for accepting the job. We’re glad for the help. :slight_smile:


Congrats Writer-4u, and good luck.


Here, here, here and hip hip hooray. May your banning of liberals and democrats and a like be the merriest ( Try to get out George Bush -_- He might a bot in disguise hahaha ) and may you moderate the internet with all your heart that’s a doozy one ;D.

3 mods for 4 posters on the forum. Should make Citizen moderator as well to complete the exercise. Its only fair!

Yep, can’t win this game, no matter how you try to rig it.

Glad you are keeping count of who all is posting in a large list of members. Truth is, you don’t get to decide who is mod and how many we have. That said, ever since this forum started, there have been 4 mods and then when one died. After that, about a year or two after that two left and I was left to myself, which wasn’t a good thing, for I am not a dictator and neither does CFI desire dictators either. So we are back to 3 for several reasons, whether you like it or not. However, this mod sees no reason for 4 mods at this time. The others may or may not agree, but for now we have three and it will stay that way unless we decide differently.