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A warning for calling out a genocide onslaught apologist .

Would you give the same warning if one is in conversation with a nazi and responds by saying why bother taking note of what a fascist says?

Yes. I absolutely would. Your question assumes that you correctly identified the person’s association with Nazis. Did you check their Nazi ID card? Do you have a Nazi profile questionnaire? Get my point? Almost no one calls themselves a Nazi anymore. If one came here, calling themselves such, it’s unlikely they would last. It’s more likely they would start breaking rules left and right. But, if they didn’t, if they said “I’m a Nazi”, then used bad logic and made up evidence, I still would not ban them. Have you read the posts by “thatoneguy”?

Sorry, thatoneguy. really don’t think you are a Nazi.

He is currently trying to make a case that genetics drove the creation of cultures that are now so different, you could pull a Japanese baby out of Japan but they would act like they were raised there. That’s probably an exaggeration of his claims, but I don’t know how to take what he’s saying. But he doesn’t do anything worse than occasionally getting frustrated with us that we don’t get what he’s saying. He’s been here for a long, long time. His worst insult is “Leftist”, which isn’t an insult.

Self declared nazi so why would i need to check? Get my point? And there are plenty of neo nazis on social media defending and debating the 3rd Reich .

So you would take offence and give warning for calling a nazi a fascist. How ridiculous.

That was my example. In the real world, in the thread where you were warned, you called someone a “genocide monger”. There is currently a government in the world, with nukes, that trades with other industrialized nations, has a seat at the UN, and has the respect of a good chunk of the world, and, I agree, they are committing genocide. What good does it do to call an individual in this forum by that moniker because they support that nation? Why ask the rhetorical question about anyone bothering with them? The world does not want to go to war with them, and a lot of the world profits from what they’re doing. It’s totally wrong. The world is insane. But calling someone a name is not going to make it better.

“Bothering with”, listening to, and allowing to exist, is exactly what we do now, in this modern, more peaceful world. We don’t march into other countries because the people over there are not from our “race” or don’t practice our religion. Even if they are bombing hospitals, we attempt to negotiate, we impose economic sanctions, we send our diplomats. We get into wars, but the morality of choosing military action is a different topic.

Do you see the irony of your question? If, as I said, someone comes here and declares themselves a Nazi and says they would like to discuss Nazism, what would I accomplish by calling them a fascist and saying they could not be a member? If they called me or anyone stupid because we said they put up a study about IQ by race and it was flawed and didn’t support their conclusion, I would give them the same warning I gave you, for calling someone stupid, not for making a conclusion I considered wrong.

Look at it from their point of view. If I went to and said, “you’re a bunch of Nazis. Who would bother with you?” What would happen? Maybe a really reasonable moderator would cite me for an ad hominem and carefully explain it. Maybe everyone there would say a bunch of mean horrible things and I would take it personally. What difference would any of that make? Most likely their response would be something like that of a mosquito buzzing by their nose.

BTW, I never “took offense” to anything. I did what is laid out in the CFI Forum Rules Preamble

Those looking for unmoderated discussions should look to unmoderated forums elsewhere on the Web. In the opinion of CFI and its Forum Moderators, however, the most congenial and fruitful places for internet discussion and inquiry, especially concerning the topics CFI focuses on, are those which are capably moderated.

Note to other members, from the rules about this section. Don’t comment here.

Also, I do a lot more discussing directly with the people raising the issue than any rule or expectation of CFI. That’s my choice. I can end this anytime, discuss it with my fellow mods, and declare a decision.

Sorry buddy , not apologising for outing someone who calls for the slaughter to continue unabated. No respect and no further discussion on the matter is what is being conveyed to the person in that question and the messaging.

But you’ve taken this to the extreme by saying you must not call a nazi a fascist in a discussion within that context example being when discussing WW2 , or a white supremacist a racist when discussing BLM , or a christian fundamentalist a homophobe when discussing gay rights or a male chauvinist a misogynist when discussing feminism, or a pro war activist a warmonger when discussing foreign policy and so on and so on and so on.

How ridiculous .

W4U has jumped in and flagged the comment. So much for your warning.

I am the injured party.

Youre not supposed to engage

This topic is under consideration by the mods. It’s closed to debate

Name calling is name calling dadada has two warnings.

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I didn’t actually say that. I asked you what it would accomplish. You didn’t answer. You just said you should do it. Why?

I’ll open the thread for this question only.

And, there’s a difference between saying “oh, okay, you’re a Nazi” and “why bother with you, you Nazi”. The second one violates CFI standards.

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You actually said name calling is name calling . No ifs or buts .

What I didn’t say was:

And I explained the difference between name calling and using descriptive words, above.

You explained name calling is name calling meaning that i must not call a nazi a fascist.

You keep telling me your interpretation, not listening to me. If I meant to say that, why would I argue when you reflected it?

You said i am not allowed to call a nazis a fascist on the CFI forum. Is that the correct interpretation of your "name calling is name calling " remark?

No, you must not call me a nazi or fascist, that is slander!