Democracy; representative or direct

And biden is pro war neo liberal. Weigh it up

While true, it cannot be clearer to any reasonable person that one is not ideal, while the other is a greedy, narcissistic, dictator wannabe, who will continue his party’s quest to destroy democracy.
This is why a third party vote hopeless to win is so dangerous now.

It’s sad that anyone believes this. An 18 year old, fresh out of high school is trying to figure out the basics of surviving alone in this world. That person is not a soldier by any deep definition of the word even after completing boot camp. You subtly said as much by putting the word, “soldiers” in quotes. I know. I was one of thousands of naive kids who volunteered for the military in an effort to mature and learn a skill. One who had neither the wealth to buy my way out, nor the lack of conscience to fake something like bone spurs. But you are correct in the sense that practically nobody would have cared if I was killed. Nice thought.


This was in reference to Dr. Albert Bartlett,

Has Bartlett made a dent in our habitual ways of thinking about growth? Maybe. There were others back when Bartlett started giving his lecture who asked the same questions in a different form. One manifestation of that questioning was the groundbreaking study The Limits to Growth which, despite what its detractors have said, made no predictions.

Rather the study models resource use over time given a large range of conditions including an endowment of resources that was twice what anyone imaged they might be at the time. The troubling conclusion of the study was that nearly all scenarios led to the crash of industrial civilization at some point.

The key observation in that study aligns with Bartlett’s, namely that exponential growth in the consumption of finite resources is unsustainable. At some point growth in the rate of extraction will cease. And, given the dependence of the economy on continuous growth of resource inputs including energy, this leads to instability and finally decline.

But we have Albert Bartlett to thank for relentlessly reminding us that we should pay attention to the simple math that refutes our notions of endless growth. He asks in his lecture the following question:

“Can you think of any problem on any scale, from microscopic to global, whose long-term solution is in any demonstrable way aided, assisted or advanced by having larger populations at the local level, the state level, the national level, or globally?”

So far, I can’t think of any.

And here we are preventing abortions , thereby increasing the growth rate.

If abortion is illegal, how will you prevent population growth? Unwanted pregnancies will not stop!

According to Bartlett, there will come a point we must choose from the table below:

Note that all the good things are bad for population growth
and all bad things are good for population control.

Therein lies the dilemma.

Makes sense from a genocide apologist. More of this to reduce the population - executing women children men journalists doctors food aid workers and any others who gives a fck ???


And to rub it in deeper

The value of democracy currently in place in the USA and espoused by some as worthy of protection isnt worth the paper it is written on when it comes to stuff like war

I can find either places it’s just accepted as fact that a clean, smart, open society will naturally reduce their birth rate, because parents know their kids will survive, so they focus their attention on them OR sights like this that say we need disease to control population.

I think, in a world where kids die, people have more, so some will be there to take care of them in their later years. Humans have done this for most of human history.

I also think we’re not so stupid that if death and disease are lessened, and we take of the elderly as a society, we’ll just keep having babies. Half the population lives in poverty, they are the ones who are cranking out the kids. If we supported the increase of infrastructure for all, instead of exploiting them, the population curve would flatten. It’s proven in the richer parts of the world.

Why would that be a goal under capitalism?

Obviously it’s not the goal for a lot of people. I can’t influence millionaires but I can talk about history and understand the world. I can hope that makes a difference.

Not talking about people per se. I am talking about the system

Then I don’t get the question. Systems don’t have goals. We use systems to reach goals. People who benefit from a system might claim the system is above the people, but that’s not true.

The System dictates the goals. There are different goals under capitalism vs socialism vs anarchism vs communism

Some of the bloodstained passports of world kitchen aid workers Israel has murdered. The aid workers were citizens of the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Poland and Palestine.

Natural systems dictate existential lessons. Overpopulation of an environment altering species such as humans creates mass extinction of many native species that eventually results in a collapse of local biomes, let alone new and drastic cultural changes.

Already, Germany’s start of WWII was about “lebensraum”.
And today it is Putin invading Ukraine and expanding Russia’s territory, and gain control over its natural resources.

But we create the system. People created vibrate downtiwns and the ghettos. People choose to go to war or to negotiate peace.

The system with inherent goals/objectives

Why would anyone be bothered to read and take notice of what you write - a genocide monger

“This is the first of three warnings. Don’t attack participants. Address the essence of arguments, not the person.”

Attack?? There are no arguments given, but pathetic “justifications” for murder. i dont want anything to do with him

The solution is obvious, no?

No, I am the observer. Hamas is the genocide monger and committer, and Israel is responding to it!
What is Hamas’ justification for murdering Israelies having a peaceful, multiracial celebration on Israeli soil.
Israel did not start the shooting and the killing. Hamas did!
But it does look like Israel is going to finish it. Get your chronology straight.