Corporate Media collapse

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Dec 2

The “mainstream media” is rapidly collapsing.
Since 2020 their average unique monthly visitors to the top 50 newspapers websites has declined from 14 million to 8 million.

They have lost almost 40% of their online audience in just 3 years. That probably explains a lot of the attacks on X and Elon. The legacy media is dying and this is an existential fight that they are losing badly.

Source Pew Research

The legacy media is dying, whitering, as people focus on what they want to see and read. Expecting people to take an interest in issues they have close to no actual influence over, is fruitless.

Imagine, not a single western leader has come out and unequivocally condemned Israel’s campaign of deliberate ethnic cleansing and genocide aimed at destroying the Palestinian people. Not one voice of opposition. And our media, as usual, reflects the views of the powerful, not the people.

Our so called democracy, such as it is, is dying. How can one argue that one lives in a democracy, when the democracy supports what’s happening in Gaza? Democracies aren’t supposed to facilitate and be complicit in genocide and the mass killing of civilians, mostly women and children.

Democracy is a system to rule, and can take any way, even the worst.

It is not the system which is flowed, it is the people who use it.

Incidentally, some West leaders have called Israel to stop its attacks against civilians.

You are right. But neither are theocracies supposed to facilitate and be complicit in the genocide of jews and the mass killing of civilians, women and children.

Hamas is not the victim here. They are the aggressor!!! You are cherry-picking who is to blame. Stay with historical facts.

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Aggressively trying to break out of a concentration camp

So ironic. Had to laugh to prevent myself from crying.

Hamas is trying to break out of a concentration camp? Hamas was the original aggressor, but Israel is going about fighting back all wrong by attacking innocent people.

Israel is in an existential struggle. They cannot afford to be politically correct in the face of Hamas terrorism.

NOTE: Hamas has vowed the extermination of Israel and Jews. I have never heard a Jew threaten another race with extinction, have you?

Do they have a choice? Hamas needs to go, but they hide behind civilians.
What is Israel to do?

Let me put it this way.
Someone kidnaps your wife and children. Obviously you have a right to kill these criminals, but they hide behind their own families.

Do you have the right to retaliate against criminals’ families? Would you hesitate to kill in order to get your wife and children back? Be honest…

No you don’t. That’s literally vigilante justice. Think before posting

No, it is not if no one condemns Hamas, but does nothing to stop their terrorist attacks.

Would you blame Ukraine if they bombed Russia in retaliation for Russia’s aggression?

That does not negate that Hamas was the one who attacked on Oct. 7, that they were the original aggressors and that Israel is wrong in attacking innocent people.

That does not give Israel the right to kill women, children, the elderly, or any other innocents.

I’m not gay, so I don’t have a wife, but I do have adult children.

I do not kill anything. I’m a pacifist to a fault. I abhor violence with a passion. No one has the right to kill anyone. This is the reason the human race is so primitive.

Yes, but not with violence. Violence only beget violence, as Martin Luther King Jr said.

No, I would not kill and that’s being honest. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth is wrong. Not once in my life have answered violence against myself and/or my family with violence. I don’t even own a gun. I’m a complete pacifist. I divorced my first husband who was abusive and I called the Runaway Hotline concerning my abusive father. Whatever the case, I got away from both without practicing violence myself. You are barking up the wrong tree.

Yes, they do have a choice. It takes more courage to be a pacifist than it does to retaliate with violence. Hamas would exterminate martyrs, as well as puppies, and how does that reflect on them? They already look bad. That said, there are still ways to fight back without more violence. All violence does is trigger more violence.

Maybe this will help give you ideas even though it happens to be of a religious view, it can still be secularized:

These words from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. about the Vietnam War still ring true today, “If we assume that mankind has a right to survive, then we must find an alternative to war and destruction. In a day when sputniks dash through outer space and guided ballistic missiles are carving highways of death through the stratosphere, nobody can win a war. The choice today is no longer between violence and nonviolence. It is either nonviolence or nonexistence.”

Mainstream media is dying for certain, and good riddance, but the next generation will follow the same playbook. Actually, they already are.

No, they have no choice!
You forget the insult of 6 million dead Jews, from being peaceful.
Your advice would result in the extermination of the Jewish race.
Do you want to be responsible for that?

They do have a choice.

I would not be responsible for more death. Violence only causes more violence. Their response is only causing more violence and more death. I don’t see how they’d be exterminated by refusing to be violent and not causing more death. There are other ways to retaliate other than violence. I am so sick of humans promoting violence. It has to end or we will find we are kill each other incessantly. There will be no end to violence as long as the human race continues to be primitive with the use of violence. What you are promoting, write4u is primitive barbarianism. If the human race is to survive, the primitive barbarianism must stop.

[quote=“mriana, post:14, topic:10579”]
What you are promoting, write4u is primitive barbarianism. And you are promoting Hamas barbarism. Don’t go there. I am a conscientious objector.

And Hamas are civilized world citizens?

If the human race is to survive, the primitive barbarianism must stop.
Then let the Hamas barbarians stop. Or go extinct. That will end the violence.

Israel is not attacking anybody. They are defending their lives.
Again, Israel did not start this.

I would think this has been clear for the past few millenia.

Please stop repeating that. We are not stupid. We can read. We know you think that is important.

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Then why do you blame Israel for there defensive resistance?

I don’t think you are being honest here. Somebody comes into your house and starts killing your family, you are going to stand by and watch when you have weapons to defend yourself from just such an occasion?
Stand there until they’re gone and then call the police?
I live in the wilderness. Bears, wolves, coyotes, and yes people who hunt other people. If any of these critters enter my home with ill intent, I will kill them.

Israel lives in a Muslim wilderness with people who hunt other people. They must live by the law of the jungle or perish.

Im not blaming them for that. You’re not understanding what I’m saying. I’m done trying to explain it. I’m not the only one who thinks what I do, so if you convince me of whatever, it won’t really matter.

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What else is there? Why don’t you advise Hamas to make peace.

In a world of “cause and effect”, any violent activity effects a violent response.

They don’t take my calls. What are you talking about? Why can’t you accept that there are people in the world that don’t agree with you?

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