6 Medias barrons supported Hitler

[New book by US scholar reveals how 6 media barons in US & UK aided Hitler's rise before WW-II]

When i read this paper, i am afraid.

I hope that US democracy is stronger than it appears nowadays.

Andrew Moravcsik, a professor of international affairs and politics at Princeton University, wrote in a review of the book in Foreign Affairs: “They (newspapers) spread a polemic, sensationalistic, and personalist style of news writing that often crossed the line into outright untruth a power in which they reveled.”

Funny how some things don’t change at all.

The general message is on point, though. Powerful people in America supported what was happening in Europe and Asia at the time. Even during the war the US auto industry produced vehicles for the Wehrmacht.

Nowadays, in France, 90 % of the medias are owned by 30 persons, all owning billions and, as far as I know, all politically near the power and rather conservative.

One of the most important of them is Vincent Bolloré, a true octopus, sending his tentacles everywhere.

When he owns a media, he choose the responsables and controls tightly the political line.

He is buying Hachette, and that will give him the control of the majority of the French publishing companies.

Icing on the cake, he is not a mere liberal conservative, but he actively supports ultra-right. during the last presidential election, he supported Eric Zemour, the ultra-right candidate.

[Éric Zemmour - Wikipedia]

[Vincent Bolloré - Wikipedia]

[Vincent Bolloré — Wikipédia]

The situation is similar in America. Nearly all media is owned by a few massive corporations.

Yet you don’t see this as a warning sign of things to come? A warning sign of haves and have nots? This is far worse than the idea of socialized medicine. Prospering countries, except the U.S. have socialized medicine and other such programs. They are thriving, while the U.S. is losing their middle class and becoming a third world country. Losing the middle class isn’t a sign of become Socialists. It’s a sign of pure Communism or at least an Oligarchy, where the rich own everything and the general population own nothing. This is why greedy corporation are fighting socialized medicine and alike and attempting to brainwash as many as they can to believe it’s a bad thing. Greedy corporations want to own it all and control people via the government. Right now, it’s greedy corporations running things in our government and it will only get worse if we don’t fight back- through voting and speaking out without violence, of course.

That’s the dirty little secret of WW2…many many regular people, but also “captains” of industry either overtly supported the nazis or in private did, because anti-Semitism was rampant in those days (far far more than today). And afterall, what is a corporation other than a small dictatorship? Unfortunately the lesson learned from WW2 seems to have been, how can we (conservatives) achieve the same goal as Hitler without anyone noticing. And unfortunately there are plenty of people working towards that goal - read Chris Hedges’ American Fascism.