Palestinians and science

This site promotes itself as a lover of science. Well here is science from the lancet. The science of Epidemiology

The Israeli regime has killed 186,000 people in its nine-month genocide against the Palestinians in Gaza, far more than the total publicized in the corporate media, according to an analysis by the peer-reviewed medical journal The Lancet.

the peer-reviewed journal said it arrived at that figure by multiplying the current death toll by the number of expected indirect deaths.

These horrific numbers could not have been possible without the latest destructive weapons and political cover coming from leading imperialist states. Despite all these war crimes and systemic destruction on Palestinian people these powerful countries most notably United States continue to view Israel as an asset for securing their strategic interests in Middle East. The upcoming NATO summit in Washington and Netanyahu’s visit shortly after this event for providing a progress report are all clear signs of renewed escalation going forward on multiple fronts. For the representatives of ruling classes are well aware of that overwhelming majority particularly those in the West are against War, and yet they see this path as the only possible response to the heightened contradictions of global Capitalist order. The development of massive antiwar movement on July 24 with explicit socialist principles would be the first step for working class intervention.

The facts appeared different to me. Are you talking about your viewpoints or the viewpoint of the Lancet?
You claim there is a genocide going on. The Lancet is not saying that. They are asking for evidence to be collected and saved by Israel so they can review the data to see they can go after Israel for genocide. There are the words “dumb and stupid”. But this type of political action goes way beyond those levels.

As long as there are any of the 251 captives in the Palestinian parts of Israel. Then Israel would be failing it job not to fight to get the captives back home. Most people I know are against war. But there are exceptions. Taking our kids is one of the exceptions.

The United Nations (UN) is an international nonprofit organization formed in 1945 to increase political and economic cooperation among its member countries. The Human Rights Council is an intergovernmental body within the United Nations. Any actions would have to take place within the United Nations in its International Court of Justice. After it decides which branch of the internal justice system will be used.
the Office of Staff Legal Assistance (OSLA)
the UN Dispute Tribunal (UNDT)
the UN Appeals Tribunal (UNAT)

Why would the US want to go along with this political maneuver? Mainly for the reason the US does not want to support or recognize the International Criminal Court. And once it starts it case, it would be harder for the ICC to have another trial on the same charges.

The July 24 gathering is no different - political. They are just promoting socialist principles. The USA is known for antiwar movements. It is a social event.

Lancet says they estimate 186,000 could be dead. I’m a little skeptical of their techniques, but they could be right.

One thing we can say for sure is no matter how high the number is, the pro-Israel side will say it’s justified.

Could be higher. What is a non epidemiologist doing questioning the technique?

2 of the 3 names on the study are Arabic, and their theories about the possibilities of more deaths are impossible to prove.

What has that got to do with the methodology. The report is peer reviewed

From my point of view, be there 10 000 or 100 000 civilian deaths, each of them is too much.

The fact is that Israel deliberately attacked civilian populations, without trying to minimize the damages.

He’s using his critical thinking skills. The report, correctly, uses language indicating they are estimating. They tell you the methodology so you can ask questions about it.

Is Israel committing genocide? Yes. Who is Israel committing genocide against? The answer is Hamas. Is Hamas Palestinian? No. The leadership of Hamas are not Palestinian. Hamas has no country or borders. They want a religious war. What you have going on is being controlled by ethnic, national, historical, and religious factors.

“These horrific numbers could not have been possible without the latest destructive weapons”. That may be true. But, with the way it is being used creates a false idea. Without the latest destructive weapons, the death toll could easily be two to three times higher. Dropping bombs compared to guided bombs is a world of difference. The latest destructive weapons are being used to try and save lives.

Prove any war crimes. Where are the war crimes?

[Three wise monkeys - Wikipedia]

[Israel–Hamas war - Wikipedia]

If dizains of thousand of innocent civilians killed is not a proof, many of them unarmed women and children, i am wondering what would be a proof ?

I give you facts, not opinions.

[War crime - Wikipedia]

[Crimes against humanity - Wikipedia]

Incidentally, the crime of apartheid is a crime against humanity, and it can be seriously said that the Palestinians of Cisjordanie are under apartheid.

[Apartheid - Wikipedia(%20lit.]

I respectfully disagree with your understanding of the facts.

If that had happened, then we would be in agreement.

Normandy D Day did we have civilians attacking civilians in a genocide war?

Normandy D Day. If there were civilians living on the beach and refused to move. And we ended up killing them. Would we be committing genocide?

We should always try and live by the Rules of Law.

The issue here is Rules of Law vs. Islamic customary laws called the Urf laws.

I debate your statement of “innocent civilians”.

Show me thousands of innocent civilians killed by people not following the instructions of their government. By that statement. I mean Gaza is still part of Israel. Is that not, correct?

The civilians were told weeks in advance a war was coming, and they would have to move to a safe area where they could be taken care of. Is that a true statement?

What is a civilian? Do you agree, a person not in the armed services or the police force for this debate?

Israel gave mandatory evacuation orders for people to evacuate to safe-haven areas.

Hamas told civilians to stay in their homes and not heed the call.

At that point the population that did not evacuate no longer had a civilian status. All civilians in the war zone must be considered combatants for the time they are in the evacuation zone although they are not members of any armed forces or police force.

That is what has been taking place. That point has not been argued because it is based on a tried-and-true history.

If they were civilians, then I would agree with you. As combatants, it is sad to see armed forces hiding behind their own children.

War crime – Wikipedia that you posted says that civilian combatants are breaking the law. So does your posting, “Crimes against humanity”. Apartheid posting. I could not make any connection.

That’s means mass deportation. And Israel knew that the people of Gaza have nowhere to go.

And i see that for you, young children are not civilians, are legitimate targets.

I read your comments Mike. Are you prepared to out yourself as a christian zionist?

“He’s using his critical thinking skills”

He is using his skills to come up with 3 arabs contributors to the report. What a wonderful example of using critical thinking skills

No, no comprendo amigo

wrong on both facts

They are for Hamas or they would not use them as shields.

Pleading the 5th…

I didn’t say I defended everything he said. You nitpick and insult and ignore people and repeat questions and accuse people of thinking things that you have no clue about. Imagine if you were at a party with people in person and acted like that. How do you think that would go?

Peers can be wrong. Especially when they’re discussing possibilities.

A comment on the objective commentary .