Courtesy of Don Winslow

when donald trump was called to serve in Vietnam his powerful father used his money to buy his privileged son five separate deferments

donald trump repeatedly lied to the american people about the coronavirus

not one single doctor ever stood up in the white house briefing room and had the courage to say do not listen to the president he is lying to you instead they praised him

when donald trump bragged on camera about sexually assaulting women it should have immediately ended his presidential campaign and he should have faced criminal charges

when donald trump had multiple bankruptcies he should have lost his businesses and suffered the same consequences everyone else would have

when donald trump cheated on his wife and had unprotected sex with porn stars his daughter refused to even say it was wrong

when it was revealed that vladimir putin had put bounties on the heads of u.s soldiers and that donald trump knew about it and did nothing to defend the United States he should have been impeached and removed from office but instead

instead his army of enablers defended him time and time again people have stepped in and covered for donald trump for 74 years donald trump has gotten away with one crime after another but on november 3rd you can take away Don trump’s power.

It’s up to you.

Election time and voting, it’s the only time your opinion matters to the powers that be!

I have heard that “Elections have Consequences”. Please, please, please make those Consequences the ones that the t rump deserves.

Vote for Joe Biden.