Christian nationalism today

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It’s a goal anyway. Maybe don’t search too much into our history, you might change your mind. We are moderated though, and I try to stick to standards of good argumentation and not my personal biases. It might be my bias, but it seems like the people who carry extreme beliefs, like you should be able to punch a white nationalist or genetics can predict laziness, are the ones who break our rules, like personal attacks and repetitive posting.



I have a hard time understanding how anyone could read the New Testament and come away with the opinion that you could insert politics into it. It is possible that that we don’t know the whole story. What appears to be apolitical may just be a result of a subterfuge to hide a revolution from the Roman and Jewish authorities. The problem is if that were the case how would anyone know what the “true” story is?

Anyway I just wanted to see what kind of forum this is and I would give the responses pretty high marks.

My experience of “Christian Nationalism” is much different than what is going on today. I attended Catholic School until 9th grade. Everyday started with the pledge of allegiance to the flag and a prayer. Back then Jews and Catholics were consider suspect by the same people that are now being called “Christian Nationalist”. For Catholics it had something to do with the supposed first allegiance to the Pope not the US. I kind of wondered about that myself even as a child. You don’t have to be very well educated to know that the Pope for most of the Churches history was a political figure. I think Catholics back then went out of their way to demonstrate their patriotism. It isn’t pleasant being called some sort of “Manchurian Candidate”.

It was a much different world. Europe was still recovering from WWII and politically unstable. The US really was the defender of the free world. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that Stalin wasn’t someone you wanted as your dictator. Mao wasn’t any better. Unless you were totally self absorbed you knew that being a US patriot meant that you were taking part in defending people all over the world from something worse than what you grew up with. Being the defenders of the free world however came with a pretty high price. What Eisenhower warned of in his “military industrial complex” speech. Everyone knew there was a shadow government but it was just assumed that it was necessary. Some times I think the price of Empire is just to great and wish that some other country had become the “leader of the free world”.


If you don’t mind me butting in wolfhnd, since you say you were a catholic I’d like to hear your opinion on this topic I started the other day.

It is so obvious that the Democrats have caused by far the most money to help the Christian movement. The Democrat policies are by far the biggest contributor to the religious NGO’s that it will take a couple of decades for the Christians to even begin spending all the funds given to them by the Democrat regulations. The Democrat Party and administration is behind the biggest funding of the Christian movements in the last century. Overall Bidenomics has caused most working Christians to be poorer and give less.

They have been a loyal friend of israel. I hope the hamas student terrorists dont force biden to change this

Hidden under your attack on Democrats is a wonderful compliment. Yes, it is obvious that Democrats care more about the poor than do Republicans in general. Republicans blame the poor for their lot in life and like to push the idea of welfare queens and such. The same is true of NGOs that provide clean water, fight for gender equality, or help the elderly through organizations like AARP - ideas that Republicans could not care less about. So, yes, Democratic policies are naturally more likely to favor helping the less fortunate.

But there are so many facets of NGOs that seem to be missing in your understanding of NGOs. Many will not accept government donations and depend entirely on private donations and membership fees. Also, NGOs get government funds by applying for grants. I’m not sure how many grants you’ve applied for but it is often a complex task in order to ensure that funds are used effectively. All of this is a far cry from being “the biggest funding of the Christian movements in the last century.”

The final point regarding Bidenomics is too ridiculous to comment on other than the salient fact that Republicans push tax cuts for the rich over pretty much everything else.


Democrats are going to do what they do and blame it on others. I am a constitutionalist; I back the rules of law. I was just pointing out to you that complaining about religious thinking and then trying to take credit for what they do is wrong. If you don’t like what religions do, then stop funding them. But the facts are the Catholics and other NGO’s have been taking care of immigration problems for decades. Along with helping the poor. The Democrat’s system is mostly dumping funds on issues that get votes. It is still the religious groups that are keeping the Biden immigration policies from total collapse. But it comes at a cost. Point being. Yes, there are rich and there are the poor. The Democrats are the party of the rich and the richest party, and their policies are increasing the number of poor. Today Biden is giving money away as fast as he can. Needs the vote. All it’s going to do is cause inflation. I am for a better standard of living for all Americans.

Bidenomics. Trump not only pushed tax cuts. He made tax cuts. Results were the working class had the most increase in wealth in decades. You say Bidenomics is too ridiculous to talk about. The economists say that people are now paying 1K more per month in Bidenomics for the same thing as in Trump’s policies. Democrats won’t stand up, they are running from Bidenomics.

Trump economics?
Yes, selling signed Bibles, Golden sneakers, Trump collectors cards
Trump is an expensive five and dime store, in addition to his golf courses and hotels.
Watching Trump stocks?

This clinical narcissist does not cut taxes for the people. He cuts them for himself, which is forbidden by the Domestic Emolument Clause.

The Constitution also contains a “domestic emoluments clause” (Article II, Section 1, Paragraph 7), which prohibits the president from receiving any “Emolument” from the federal government or the states beyond “a Compensation” for his “Services” as chief executive.

And this is why.

Does the Constitution put limits on a president’s private business ties?

There is a lot of talk about employing that Clause as a check upon President-elect Donald Trump as he apparently plans, while in the White House, to keep within his family the management of their global holdings in a private business enterprise, rather than disposing of the enterprise or putting it into a “blind trust” over which the family would have no control.
Does the Constitution put limits on a president’s private business ties??

Trump is not an honest businessman and he was not an honest president,

Sorry about the segue.

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I have not set foot in a Catholic church in over 50 years. I hardly know anyone under 70 that I would call a solid Catholic. I have no idea what is going on with Catholics.

I did take a look at your topic and yes it is interesting, please keep us updated.

You mean like that guy named Jesus suggested so long ago?

*That is Christian Nationalism in action. If the label fits, use it

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Thanks for the info.

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Same same at the end of the day

And now the Democrats love speaker Michael Johnson after passing the bill to supply weapons to ukraine and israel

Love is quite a stretch. Better the devil you know, perhaps.

Ahh yes the lesser of two evils type of statement rolled out by liberals with their bankruptcy of policy

Bankrupt policies like still believing in the US Constitution’s separation of Church and State?
Or Social Security?
Or Medicare?
Or concern for the welfare of fellow citizens as opposed to want American to become an inbred white supremicist nation?
Or being for infrastructure repairs?
(not that they a wonderful, but if we are comparing DNC and RNC it’s pretty clear cut.

Republican are the insurrection party that rather destroy this country - than learn to live and share with non-uppity-superior-whites?

Oh speaking of bankrupt,

What about the Republican bankrupt policies?


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Youre with mike johnson? House speaker all good now??