Christian nationalism today

The name of it is not important. It’s important that it’s so far in the past, and the same forces are still at work. It’s important that even if we ever know what the “first cause” was, there are still billions of years between us and it, and more reactions than we can comprehend since then.

Thank you! Now I understand. And I pretty much agree. Except that I think each person is special. Yes, we are made up of star stuff, but we are star stuff trying to understand star stuff. That’s so meta!

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Words all need to be redfined. Each is special, but not privileged, not better because of birth circumstances, not better because they work harder, not more deserving of rewards or punishments.

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Personality differences? That’s the first thing that comes to mind. For example, I don’t really care about space exploration, yet plenty of others think it’s important.

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Sounds benign, but it’s accurate in a way. Not just the kind of differences that make a dog or cat person though. The kind that make you care for starving people in Africa or America, or being a gun owner or not, or interested in preventing a pandemic or not, or understanding the fibonacci sequence. I could go on.

No doubt about it. Only a small percentage of humanity cares about what you care about.

And that difference is expressed today in the thousand-year-old wars among countries and races. It is fear of the unknown by “ignorant” populations" that makes them vulnerable to manipulation by “smart”, but care-less minds.

Why cant you call it for what it is~ christian fascism ?

I can. It’s christian fascism.

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