Christian nationalism today

There are plenty of forums where people just trade insults. Maybe you would be happier there.

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There are plenty more comments for deflection in the back pocket

Are you proud of your deflections?

Let him speak for himself!!!

What are you talking about?

Oh boy, I’ll bet there are.

What should I speak to?

That’s idiotic, who do you think you are talking to?
Don’t assign meaningless labels to me. Mike simply happens to be sitting in the seat, got nothing to do with me.
Sometimes we just have to get used to dealing with life and the hand we are dealt.

mytwocentsworth, ask a sincere, substantive question then we can start a constructive, maybe even fun discussion. Though we won’t solve the world and it is what it is.

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I ask because i read this.

Better such a devil than a faithful ultra Christian conservative.

Not an easy choice.

Michael Johnson is a ultra christian conservative!!!