Chapman University survey of beliefs

How do you measure up?

In case you don’t want to follow the link, this is what they found:
Paranormal Belief Percent Agree or Strongly Agree
Ancient, advanced civilizations, such as Atlantis, once existed – 55.0%
Places can be haunted by spirits – 52.3%
Aliens have visited Earth in our ancient past-- 35.0%
Aliens have come to Earth in modern times – 26.2%
Some people can move objects with their minds – 25.0%
Fortune tellers and psychics can foresee the future – 19.4%
Bigfoot is a real creature – 16.2%

Last week I found out we have ghost busters right in Duluth, MN. They actually charge for their services. Not much from what I could see, but someone is willing pay a few bucks for this. They spent two nights in our little town. Good, church going, upstanding members of the community bought into it and had stories of things that go bump in our old high school. They recorded noises, a door slamming or something. Just, no comment, can’t even.

lol Bigfoot BTFO.
I would’ve guessed belief in aliens at no.1, but its a small sample size, so it’s not very accurate.

It’s interesting to me how compartmentalized it is. They say that 25.3% of the people surveyed believed in none of these things. Only 5% believed in all seven.