Building Hospitals

Lt. Gen. Todd Semonite, Chief of Engineers and commanding general of the Army Corps of Engineers says in this interview (skip to 03:50) “you can’t build a hospital in a couple of weeks”.

However in China they did just that, in fact they did it in less than two weeks.

"A 1,000-bed hospital built in just 10 days to handle the coronavirus epidemic in Wuhan, China, opened its doors to its first patients Monday.

The Huoshenshan Hospital was built specifically to handle patients infected with the novel coronavirus that has sickened thousands of people and left more than 360 dead. It is on the outskirts of Wuhan, a city with 11 million residents, where the outbreak is believed to have originated.

On Monday, the hospital — which covers 60,000 square meters (645,000 square feet) — welcomed its first patients, according to Chinese state media. There was no information about the patients or their conditions.

Construction began Jan. 24 with a crew of 7,000 people working around the clock. Chinese state media carried live video of the construction site and showed the sheer scale and speed of the project."





They tell us it’s Fake News. :expressionless:


But then why would trump want to build any hospitals in New York, when he’s got a grudge match going and he holds all the cards.

We don’t have a president, we have a vindictive ignorant imbecilic baby-man who knows nothing but running over people for his own unhinged EGO’s needs.

TRUMP GIVING NEW YORK STATE THE FINGER. No one that doesn’t bow down to lick his shitty stinky ass has a right to ask for anything from trump. Ain’t that America?

And the F’n Democrats are totally incapable of exposed this man’s viciousness and destructive ignorant insanity to the nation - un f’n believable.

The real god says, no matter how bad it gets, we got it coming.

This isn’t the first time Trump has apparently punished his former home for political reasons. By AMANDA LUZ HENNING SANTIAGO MARCH 26, 2020

Is President Donald Trump letting New Yorkers die on purpose, to penalize the state for voting for Hillary Clinton in 2016?

Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio have been pleading with Trump and the federal government to send New York much needed medical supplies to combat its rampant COVID-19 outbreak.

The president, however, has failed to deliver. Cuomo has said that the state needs 30,000 ventilators to meet the surging demand of patients suffering respiratory distress from the new coronavirus. On Tuesday, Cuomo announced that the Federal Emergency Management Agency would be sending 400 to New York. “What am I going to do with 400 ventilators when I need 30,000?” Cuomo said during a press conference. “You pick the 26,000 people who are going to die because you only sent 400 ventilators.”

The federal government has a stockpile of 16,000 ventilators, so it could easily provide the state with more. Manufacturing ventilators also takes time and it’s unlikely that factories would be able to produce enough for the state in two weeks, according to Cuomo. Vice President Mike Pence announced that 4,000 additional ventilators will be sent to New York on Tuesday.

Without federal intervention, New York will see an untold number of deaths that could have easily been prevented. “We’ve tried everything else,” Cuomo said on Tuesday. “The only way we can obtain these ventilators is from the federal government. Period.”

Articles in New York magazine, The Daily Beast and The New York Times have observed that Trump seems willing to let New Yorkers die. No one can know his motivations, but the president has given clues that his main reason is spite. …

No surprise the Chinese built the hospital that fast. When your authoritarian government tells you to jump you can only say “how high?”.

Our CinC (always a day late and a dollar short when it comes to responding to a disease that spreads exponentially), has FINALLY got a few things right (though he keeps lying, revising history, and, above all, promoting himself in the process).

We have some field hospitals now, being put up by the Army Corps of Engineers. They are going up pretty darn quick, now that they have started. Will it be enough? Who knows?

He has finally admitted some of the nature of the viral catastrophe we are dealing with, in that he now says that we should be very glad if we, ultimately, only have 100,000 deaths from COVID-19. (But he doesn’t want anyone to recall that weeks ago, he said that this virus could magically go away in April). He now admits that a worse case scenario could mean millions dead.

And the hospital ship “Comfort” will make it to NYC before it is too late to make a difference.

So there you go. I related 3 thing that our DOTUS has done right, recently. (Instead of 15 recent or ongoing things he is failing us with). I guess I am not completely partisan.