Black Dog

Around 20 years ago whilst at a friend’s flat, me and my ex saw a black dog as we walked across the landing to go to bed. It was at the bottom of the stairs staring up at us both. This was very odd as my friend didn’t own a dog and within seconds it vanished.

Roll on a good 8- 10 years later and I’m living on the other side of town with a new partner. Anyhow, whilst at my new address the dog seemed to reappear. Not to myself, but to neighbours and friends.

On one occasion, my friend got into a taxi which was being driven by my neighbour across the road. Whilst chatting, the taxi driver mentions to my friend that I have a new black dog. My friend pointed out to him that I didn’t have a dog. The taxi driver was adamant that I did, and he’d seen it looking out of the front bedroom window on numerous occasions when I was out at work.

On another occasion I’ve answered the front door to speak to a friend. While we were chatting, my friend just blurts out " I didn’t know you had a dog". I asked him what he was talking about? And he swore down a black dog walked behind me and into the back room.

Finally I went to a place about 2byears ago where a medium had us all sit down in the dark as she did her stuff. After a couple of minutes all I could hear around me was something like a dog panting next to me ( very weird).

I’ve looked up the history of black dogs etc… And I was hoping if anyone could help me as to why it seems to follow me around?

All info would be much appreciated, thanks

This isn’t really the kind of place you come for confirmation of magical beliefs. We don’t have enough information or know you well enough to offer you any rational explanations and it sounds like you’re looking for an irrational explanation. We don’t really do that here.

When Led Zeppelin jammed this song, a black dog ran into the studio.

What if it is the same dog???

(sorry Wid, I couldn’t resist)

Hey, I don’t blame you. Jesus! Now that I think of it, I used to OWN a black dog! Is it a black lab, by any chance?

I think it WAS a black Labrador!

If you want him to appear, stand in front of a mirror and repeat:

"hey hey mama, like the way you move, gonna make you sweat, gonna make you groove"
3 times.

The only thing close to this was when I awoke to find a large approx three stone black dog in my bed.

It was the size of a large greyhound and had its teeth clasped on my wrist. Every time I tried to move its grip grew tighter.

On occasions my arm would swing out from the bed cloths as the dog was trying to pull me out of bed.

it was a time when I was lazing in bed out of a job living with my parents.

Seemed like it was saying: “Come on…get on with your life, get some qualification, a job and get a life!”

Been told it was a dog that I had owned from a past incarnation.