Biden calls for regime change

As reported by CNN, US President Joe Biden has called for Russian President Vladimir Putin to be deposed. He made a direct appeal to the Russian people during a speech in Warsaw, where he had met for talks with high-ranking Ukrainian officials on Saturday.

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Because Putin has committed war crimes, he needs to be removed from leadership and sent to prison. What President Biden said is a good thing.


You don’t need to put “As reported by…” In this case, there is video of that all over the place.

Of course the Russian apologists will call that a threat against Russia.

The truth hurts.
But sanctions hurt more.

“milkthecow” is one of the most accurate forum names I’ve seen around here. He could use “quoteminer”, which would be even more accurate. Biden has been known as the king of the gaff for a long time. Funny thing is, when you talk off the cuff and go off-script, that’s admired if you are Trump or Bush. Both of them were lauded for naming terrorists and saying we should go after them, not negotiate. But when Biden, or “The Left” does it, it’s bad diplomacy.

@milkthecow, this is a discussion forum. discuss things. Don’t just put up articles and assume we know what your thoughts are.

It was an unscripted moment spoken from the heart in the light of day.

Not a garbled tweet sent from the can in the middle of the night.


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Whitehouse is scrambling to deny what he said and regime change is not on the US agenda. Blinken doing a road show to walk back the comments. Macron criticised biden in undermining his efforts for a diplomatic effort to end the war with his choice of words. It ain’t helping and is escalating tensions.

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Where’s the thread about Graham calling for Putin’s assassination?

I’d think that’s a little more serious.

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And you know this how?

I would offer a reward for the head of Putin. A barbarian must be treated like a barbarian!
This monster has forfeited all human rights by his own actions.

Pretty normal politics. That’s why there is a thing called “walking back”. I think Putin is doing most of the tension escalating.

It is of course, a question on everybody’s mind. How do we handle a nuclear power with a leader that is playing like this is 1950? I have a chart of world history, showing graphically how countries expanded and contracted over the centuries, in 50 year increments. In the last block, the lines are all parallel, straight up and down. There have been small changes of course, but as democracies grew, and the idea of colonization became much less popular, the world has lined up on this idea that there is a better way.

The dark side is, it’s been replaced by corporations, and basically “money” creating new rules with some people easily crossing borders and trading freely, while many do not share in that. Putin, The Bush family, the House of Saud are good examples. But even to have that, those elites agree to keep war at a low level, not about conquering land, and only keep nukes because others have them. Putin got tired of that game I guess.

Well, rumor has it there are some Russian oligarchs that are not happy with Putin.
Their toys are being taken away.

That’s what I was saying. When I say “elites” and “money”, I’m not discriminating with political affiliations. If you were born in Russia and got rich, you probably play the game to please Putin. If you’re making your money in America, you make your “donations” to whatever party is controlling the next purse strings at the time, sometimes to both parties at once.

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This is what western media is reporting on this matter

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And these news reports disturb you why? You want us to get upset about it why? It all sounds like politics as usual.

It’s all talk. We are foolish, but not that foolish.

Here’s the last couple years of that chart. It’s titled “relative power”, but not sure how they measure it. Russia starts as a sliver a thousand or so years ago. The Mongols come and go.

We live in unique times. With a few people still alive who fought to create this stability, and many who have known nothing else. A few think it would be better to destroy some of the wealth we’ve accumulated to move these lines around again.

In closing statement Biden had said Putin cannot remain in power which kind of reminds us of the tone that was used against Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi and Bashar Assad but this time against a nuclear super power. From war on terror to all the way to great power competition is creating the conditions for confrontation reminiscent to what we saw a century ago. The logic of globalized economy operating under antagonistic Capitalist nation state system is the root of all these conflicts. For this reason mankind cannot afford to follow this self destructive path once again.

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What are you talking about? We are dealing with a madman who needs to be stopped at all cost. You think he will stop if we do nothing? Just let him keep killing or he will kill us all? What logic makes you come to that conclusion?

They are talking about escalation as if we are dealing with a rat infestation.
Ten million people have been displaced in just a few weeks!!!

Have you noticed that we are not talking about a worldwide pandemic anymore?

Is agree it’s time to examine the nation state, but you threw in capitalism there with no supporting evidence. and cooperation has increased over the last 100 years.

The only problem with a free functioning socio-economic system is in adopting an environmental friendly lifestyle and conservation of resources by setting limits on the unrestricted accumulation of wealth without regard of environmental impacts.

Humans are the most wasteful creature on earth and instead of becoming symbiotic with nature we have become an “invasive” or “parasitic” species without regard to conservation of earth’s natural ecological biome.