Barry Berke makes case for need to trump impeachment, pronto

Did any one here listen to Barry Berke, Counsel for the House Judiciary. To me it seem quite well spoken, for a change.

Trump impeachment hearing on evidence against the president | ABC News

Monday 6, 2019


GOP’s Steve Castor, does a wonderful job of ignoring the facts and deflecting from the facts.

Instead focusing on hearsay and ignoring the facts that Trump has behaved illegally unpresidential since day one of his administration.

Steve, what about the GOP’s obsession with undermining the Obama Administration for the day one?

The GOP lack of ethics and sense of Fair Play is appalling.

Steve Castor say Democrats have the thinnest evidence, so a dalliance with an hussy intern, is worse than trump’s crimes against America?


A growing work in progress (as of 10/17/2019).

Trump Articles of Impeachment
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Violation of Constitution on Domestic Emoluments
Violation of Constitution on Foreign Emoluments
Incitement of Violence
Interference With Voting Rights
Discrimination Based On Religion
Illegal War
Illegal Threat of Nuclear War
Abuse of Pardon Power
Obstruction of Justice
Politicizing Prosecutions
Collusion Against the United States with a Foreign Government
Failure to Reasonably Prepare for or Respond to Hurricanes Harvey and Maria
Separating Children and Infants from Families
Illegally Attempting to Influence an Election
Tax Fraud and Public Misrepresentation
Assaulting Freedom of the Press
Supporting a Coup in Venezuela
Unconstitutional Declaration of Emergency
Instructing Border Patrol to Violate the Law
Refusal to Comply With Subpoenas
Declaration of Emergency Without Basis In Order to Violate the Will of Congress
Illegal Proliferation of Nuclear Technology
Illegally Removing the United States from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty
Seeking to Use Foreign Governments’ Resources Against Political Rivals
Refusal to Comply with Impeachment Inquiry



Oh and Obama was about most honest presidential President we’ve had in a long long time. Too bad he forgot to insure that his legacy be protected, so his two terms have turned into lump of coal for America, because liberals all across the board were too oblivious to appreciate the Oligarch Hostile Take Over effort on our government.

There was nothing he could do to ensure his legacy be protected. The GOP controlled both houses of Congress for 6 years, a direct result of passing an unpopular health care bill, made unpopular by a very successful GOP disinformation campaign. America didn’t know they wanted it. They do now, but it’s too late to help Obama. He was the most disrespected president I’ve ever seen. It was sickening to watch people interrupt his speeches to call him a liar and put their finger in the president’s face while chewing him out. Nobody has EVER thought they could do that to a white guy in the presidency.

Conservatives like to pretend he was the most corrupt president ever. I absolutely LOVE that claim. Republicans controlled all 3 branches of government for the first 2 years of Trump’s presidency. They had all the power for 2 years. And during that time, how many convictions did they get on Obama? How many indictments? Hell, how many investigations? What’s that? None? Not one? The most corrupt president of all time wasn’t even investigate for ANYTHING other than the racist birther shit, even after Republicans took complete control for 2 years? Could they not find Kryptonite to take him down? Did he threaten to just fly off into space and shoot them with his laser beam eyes if they moved on him? It’s really easy to lay that one to rest on the spot and let the person making the claim know, without any uncertainty, that they just said something very, very stupid.

Seriously Widdershins you surprise me?

Obama needed to build a solid grassroots that understood what we were facing with the ruthless Oligarch campaign to take our government. He got too caught up in the glory of his position and playing President, which he really did well, after all the guys a legal scholar so functionally we were in good hands. But not recognizing the seething hatred and the coalescing alt-right campaign of deception - but the Democrats never have been any good at appreciating the big picture.


The need to help inform and nurture an engaged electorate that would have the passion and knowledge to stand up for what we believe. F’n Clinton was the same failure, though guess he did appreciation the political game much, as his post presidency shows. But not keeping his pecker in his pants, not doing everything to get Gore elected by a big margin, which an intelligent campaign could have done. Where the hell is Obama? couple years ago I took part in his political group webinar- it was like a suburban pajama party a la 50s. … gotta run


But the Democrats have alway been too self sure, too smug to recognize what was coming at them. Least that’s what it has seemed like to me for decades now. Trump president and 40% of the nation loving him, you don’t think that’s a full system failure that every f’n leftie, progressive is part of?


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I didn’t see Berke in that vid above. Maybe I missed him when I skipped thru it. Here is a couple of minutes by him.

I do commend you for watching that shite today. I couldn’t tolerate the T rumpist’s BS. It put me to sleep.


I agree that Berke is well spoken, except it bugs me when people say “No one is above the law, not even the President.

When it damn well sure absolutely does seem to me that our current POTUS has finagled himself into a position where he is ABOVE THE LAW! This will likely be borne out in the not too distant future when the Senate lets T rump off or when the Impeachment process fails in some other way to punish him for Abuse of Power, for Obstruction of Congress, and for Obstruction of Justice.

I and others have been pointing out all along, during this Presidency, that T rump is successfully, gradually, undermining our system of govt, so that he can be the All Powerful Leader. He is just about there. For him, it is just a matter of manipulating the 2020 election, just enuf that he retains 4 extra years in which to consolidate even more power to himself.

I’ve gotten tired of the Republicans attitude towards the crimes President Trump has been caught doing. I actually voted for President Trump because I thought as many did that maybe we needed something else than “politics as usual”. I have slowly over the past few years started to change my position regarding this President. I’m an American born citizen currently living overseas in Europe. I have been listening to the reputation of the USA, being eroded by the actions of President Trump. I have been slowly losing it because all the news outlets in Europe are calling President Trump a bully and they are laughing at him but more importantly at the USA in general.

The straw that broke this camels back is the crimes President Trump is accused of in the Impeachment process his disregard of the Powers of Congress, and the lack Republican Representatives ignoring the evidence and just playing politics. Especially, when the President is making a mockery of his oath to protect the Constitution.

I hope that the Republicans Senators do the job they took the oath for and stop playing political games. They need to take their responsibility seriously and listen to the evidence as it actual is. If they don’t they will come to regret it in 2020, because they will have lost another vote. President Trump has already lost my vote in 2020 because It’s too important an issue, a President who thinks he can do whatever they want. More importantly ignoring the checks and balance system which is built into the Constitution of the United States of America. I see enough of that type of “leadership” or lack of, in many of the countries in the EU.

This President has gone too far, and it’s time to tell him in “black & white”, that it’s not Ok and he is not a King and definitely NOT above the law. Republicans do your job, and stop playing politics.

A devoted Republican???



I knew there was one of you out there!

There’s lots, I know. Now, write your congressman! How does that work from overseas?

I’m able to vote using an absentee ballot I receive from the American Embassy which fill out and return to the embassy. It has to be witnessed and notarized.

I already have contacted my Republican Congressmen, and told them exactly what I wrote in my post.



It is heartening to hear from a reformed T rump supporter. I didn’t know it was possible. Thanks for what you wrote, @ dnharter. People like you could make the difference in saving out republic/democracy in the 2020 election. I think that election will be our last best hope.

Has anyone ever considered that the whistle blower was a Ukranian?

Think about it. It makes perfect sense. Note that as a result of this revelation the moneys were released, without any apparent need for further investigation of Ukranian corruption.

The reason why the whistle blower made that call in the first place, is the assurance of anonymity. If it were revealed that the whistle blower was Ukranian, Trump would have a legitimate excuse to withdraw to aid permanently under the excuse of betrayal by Ukraine.

Ask yourself, if the promised moneys were indeed held up for legitimate corruption concerns, why should a whistle blower (of any origin) have any effect on the legitimate functions of the US to investigate corruption?

The moneys were released immediately after the release of knowledge of a whistle blower, which means that any further investigation of corruption was suddenly no longer considered necessary.

Does any of that make sense?


dnharter said,

I already have contacted my Republican Congressmen, and told them exactly what I wrote in my post.

Bravo, you have my deep respect for your loyalty to truth and decency.

The GOP (House of Rep. & Senate) needs to stop being Trump “Stooges”. If they continue to bury their collective “heads in the sand”, and continue to play political games, in stead of fulfilling their OATHS, but refuse to listen to the factual evidence and vote according to the OATH they swore to defend the U.S. Constitution, then they will regret it in the 2020. Not only has Trump lost my (and my families) votes, but the GOP will also lose the same. Good luck your GOP re-election attempts.

Take your GOP heads out of your butts and defend the constitution as you swore you would.

Lifetime??? Republican (not anymore)


Here’s how I see it:

I think just about anything that was left of the old style GOP Republicans, except maybe a few stragglers like maybe Romney and Kasich, has gone Trumpublican. The rest of the former Republicans, who remain, are Trumpublicans, now. The Republic and their oath is no longer # One in their hearts? soul? groin? ass? No no. T rump is their #One, now.

Early next year they will have control of the Impeachment trial. They may do it in 2 weeks (which is probably their safest bet, tho in terms of safety, it probably makes as much difference as deciding not to use a rubber, because you have already had the semen’s access snipped away. Iow, You still aren’t going to get removed from office, I mean, You still aren’t going to get someone pregnant.)

But even if they decide to draw it out, the handwriting is on the wall. They have shown what they are. The handwriting says “T rump will not be removed from office or punished in any effective way, at all.

If that handwriting is not just graffiti, then, imo, we will no longer have a Presidency. I say this because “A President is not above the law.” is a fundamental tenet of our government. Therefore T rump cannot be our President while he continues to act in ways that are above the law. And we all should know him well enough, by now, that he WILL continue. So he would, more accurately, be referred to as Dictator, at that point. Or if he decides, later, perhaps he will change his title to King. That way, he can pass the nation along to his heirs.

(Hint to those who are not following: If Trump is above the law (which he is demonstrating that he is), then he can get away with any crime. So why not commit crimes that interfere with the 2020 election, such that he wins it? Seriously! Why wouldn’t he? We know his character, or rather dearth of character. I am thinking that a free and fair election in 2020 is unlikely (or extraordinarily at risk, at best). Iow, we may already be screwed beyond any redemption, anytime soon.)


The idea that the leader of the GOP in the Senate, is going to coordinate with the Executive branch on how the Senate Impeachment trial will be conducted. That’s like the jury being in coordinate with the accused defendant. What a farse!! If the GOP in the Senate are again unable to take their respective “heads out of their asses”, and conduct themselves honorably according to the “Oath of Office” they have taken, they will constructively turned their backs their Oath. Isn’t what the Senate majority leader doing against Constitutional Law??

The United States of America is land where NO ONE is above the law. The President is not a King, and the Constitution was written in a matter where not single branch has absolute power. Trump has plowed over these basic truths with a f**king streamroller, and the in the GOP in both houses in Congress have haned him the keys and used snowplows to pave the way.

This is going to have repercussions in 2020. American politics have got so polarized, and the world has been watching and laughing at the GOP and Trump first befind their backs, but lately outright and forthright.

If the GOP in the Senate aren’t willing to conduct themselves in accordance to their Oath to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and (most importantly) domestic, then I have no more interest in the GOP. I’m done with them.

At least the DEM in the congress are acting according to their OATH. No one wants to impeach a President, but if this president is able to get away with these crimes, then what about future presidents?? The House was absolutely correct in these impeachment proceedings. It’s the only way to restore the balance of power in the U.S. Government.

The GOP Trump Stooges should hold their heads in shame for how they have refused & neglected to uphold their OATHS. They should take their respective heads out of President?? No… Dictator Trump’s Ass so they can once again see the light of day and reality.

Please remember, I voted for trump in 2016, because I thought maybe we should try something different than “politics as usual”, but I’m really starting to regret that decision. I will not make that mistake twice. Impeach & remove Trump before he destroys what left of the USA.

A No longer (lifetime Republican)

I hope, in the name of all that is good, that there are many, many, more like you.

Thank you, dnharter.



Now I just heard that all the Senators have to take special OATH in which they swear to be impartial jurors in the Impeachment trial. This means they have to listen to the evidence and make an honest unbiased decision.

As I’ve already heard thru CNN, and SkyNews, BBC World and other news sources, it looks like they’re going to ignore/reject the special OATH as they already have done to their constitutional OATH of Office. They’ve already explained that they have coordinated everything with the Executive Branch.

This makes me reel at the thought of how these elected officials can swear to an OATH and afterwards lie under OATH. It’s worse than a real criminal court trial where the jury members have already made up their minds,even before the case evidence is explained and heard. It saddens me that our elected officials have so much contempt for the OATH-bound duties and really makes me sick to my stomach how they can blindly follow someone like Trump.

I have been contacting a whole list of GOP Congress-members and explaining that if they keep it up, they will regret it in 2020.

(lifetime Republican) turned DEM or Independent


Yes, I posted a copy of the corresponding oath that was sworn to during the Clinton impeachment (in another thread). I also related that Lindsey Graham stated in an interview (I think it was on FOX) that he has no intention of being fair in the impeachment proceedings. And Moscow Mitch McConnell has gone public with his current collusion with the White House to determine how the impeachment proceedings should go in the Senate. So obviously, they could care less about another oath.




I wonder about the SC Chief Justice, who must preside over the hearing. I wonder how he will deal with being part of a pre-rigged and partisan proceeding. People already believe the Supreme Court is a biased and partisan body. If he is not careful, this will wind up being even more confirmation that that is the case.