Barometric Pressure and the Paranormal

In the recent past, I’ve read articles online from paranormal researchers touting the claim that spirits/entities can manipulate the barometric pressure of a specific area. However, aside from hypothetical speculation, I’ve yet to find anything to substantiate this claim. Is there any legitimate research put forth by “reputable” professionals in the field of pseudoscience that can validate these claims?

Field of pseudoscience?

Pseudoscience, as in a system of theories, hypotheses and methods erroneously viewed as scientific…thus my use of quotes around reputable.

Then it wouldn’t be “legitimate” either.

I see this is going to be a case of arguing semantics. Unless you have something that I deem valuable to my query (aside from dissecting my choice of verbiage) I believe we’re done.

I believe that a Mare who is near foaling, will give birth if there is a significant drop in barometric pressure. But that’s not paranormal.

Just check the mare’s teats. If there is dried collostrum on them and a storm is coming in that night. Then for just about sure, there is going to be a new little horsey on the way.