Are avatars allowed?

Are avatars allowed in this forum?
I’ve tried twice to upload mine and during my logged-in session it shows correctly, but when I log out and log back in, the avatar does not show as uploaded.
Are there any issues with size or ….?

Thank you.

I assume you mean the picture that you can add to your profile. haven’t heard of any trouble with that. I think there is a size limitation.

Hmm all right thanks, not big deal but I was just wondering.
I would like to put a picture but it’s not working for me.
No biggie tho.

Have you tried a image in a different format? PNG ?

Most definitely. The avatar I have beside my name and post isn’t me. If you are a Star Trek fan, you know who she is.

I think the issue seems to be with the redirect login page you have to authenticate prior to signing in to this forum. There is a frame on the top (I think) which redirects you to a different page and then bounces you back here. I have to do this twice and then I’m logged in.

I’m curious to know if any other recently new users have been able to change their avatars.
I’d they have then the issue is on my end.

Yeah… some Zanthi-contagious woman… :slight_smile:

This is the first time panpsax has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!

Perhaps, if he’s tried posting something intelligible.

How about it, Panpsax, have anything interesting to offer? We’re looking for real discussions?

Well, I suppose that this topic is already answered.
I wrote a Star Trek joke reacting on mriana’s avatar.
I am sorry I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to joke on the forum.
I believe I have many interesting things to offer. But it would be off-topic here, you know…

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Oh you’re more than welcome to joke, though I hope you don’t mind it too much, if you need to explain it to some of old geezer or two. :v:t2: :woozy_face:

My bad.

Okay we wouldn’t want to get off topic, I would never do that. :crossed_fingers:t2:

I’m looking forward to seeing you around the neighborhood, and welcome to CFI

@lausten I had no trouble

@panpsax You can joke on the forum. :slight_smile: If someone told you otherwise, could you share the link so we can see the whole post?

As for posts being on-topic: this forum seems to be very casual about that. I mean, posts, or threads seem to often go very far off-topic. If you go too far off-topic, I believe you’ll most likely just get a friendly warning, and your post might get moved to a different section.

Are you referring to Zanthi fever, where she projected her emotions onto others, because she was ill with it?

If you are a diehard Star Trek fan, it is intelligible.

You’re OK. Some people aren’t as into Star Trek as others. They like it, but they aren’t fans (as in fanatics).

It’s not as funny if you have to explain it, but if you can’t remember the episode, it is DS9: Fascination.

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