Putting pictures on the Forum

It’s now possible to upload pictures onto the Forum. Here are the instructions:

Instructions for putting pictures up

I tried to post a short video, but it didn’t seem to work so I deleted my attempt. Is it possible to upload a short video?

No clue, but I’d suppose not since it would require a lot of storage if folks wanted to upload videos. If you have a link that should work.


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I am making compilations of all the odd and strange things people see everyday with no explanations. I have been receiving a lot of wonderful videos from all around the world and would like to share them with you. A huge thank you to all the subscribers who have been sending in videos. Like these mind blowing unexplained events caught on camera, or just have an unusual, unique, funny or even sarcastic videos you would like to share; then contact me on: hnbeast2@gmail.com or hnbonline2@gmail.com

Uploads : If you send in videos and files use WeTransfer.com for files bigger than 21 MB.

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