"You could send 'em a personal message." But, but, but . .

Oh gosh, now I’m getting punchy.

CFI 'puter: You’ve replied to @_&^$#*^ 3 times, did you know you could send them a personal message instead?

Come on?? Is this a discussion forum? Or what?

Can someone explain to the 'puter algorithm that yes, it certainly would be wonderful if there were so many people that comments were crawling all over each other, but there are only a few of us and we are conducting public conversations, probably even hoping someone else would add their two cents worth.

Why in the world should CFI Forum be inviting me to take our public conversations to a private room?
It don’t make sense, someone please help our 'puter do some lernen.

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We don’t control the forum overlords.

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Obviously, but when it tries to cut the Forum’s own throat, can’t we at least wonder about it?

Or simply at it?