Badges link is 'private'

I ask discobot for the tutorial and got a link to the page about Levels. Lots to read there, but I like the concept. Solves the problems of “all or nothing”, so a new user can’t message, but a long time trusted person can.

Anyway. I clicked on a link about “badges” and that link is not available. I don’t think we need them, but wondering if that was intended? Do you mean to leave them out?

What would the badges be for? If they mark a mod, newbie, long time member, that might be useful.

Here’s some info about Badges: What are Badges? - faq - Discourse Meta, so far I have them turned off. I did that because it looked to me like some badges could grant moderation privileges, which I would rather not automate.

Other ones could be cute just to reward communication and participation, what do you both think? I can take another look and see if we can implement without moderation privileges.

“cute” is good until I have time to review them.

The badges could cause discourse, possibly accusations of favouritism too. We definitely don’t want just anyone being moderators either.

Right, we definitely want to avoid accusations of favoritism. How about we plan on launching without badges and once we feel like things are going smoothly we can consider adding them in?

That’s an idea. We might choose certain ones like reaching so many posts- ie first time posters get a badge, reach 50 or 100 one gets a badge, and so on until they reach 10000 or something. That’s how it was done on some of the Star Trek forums I’ve been on. That way anyone and everyone can get a badge. There maybe other ideas in which people can earn a badge and everyone has a chance to earn it, not just a select few that mods pick, and it avoids accusations of favouritism.