Why say hi, if you're not going to participate?

That about sums it up.

I mean all these people stop by, introduce themselves, then they’re never heard from again.

It doesn’t make sense to me.

What up?

Don’t you have any stories to tell, or ideas worth putting to the test, or something like that . . .


Can’t have a forum when no one speaks up.

just say’n

I experience the same thing at a Star Trek forum which I help moderate. People sign up, introduce themselves, make a big deal about how much they loved the show and all that. I always greet them, try to engage them in dialogue (Which is your favorite episode? Favorite character? etc.), and sometimes they respond once or twice, but the vast majority never post again. It’s very frustrating. What makes it worse is that the website has a status line at the bottom which keeps track of visitors, and every time I stop by (three or four times a week), I see 60 or 70 visitors have stopped by in the past 24 hours, apparently just to read but not to participate. What can you do?

Looks like we scared them away.


lordie, lordie

Perhaps it’s a “generation mute” thing. I’m having second thoughts about starting an intro thread now, wouldn’t want to be one of the fails…I think I’ll just dive in and let my life story dribble out over time, all natural like. Oh yeah, and hi!

Indeed. ;- )



Mmmmm, butter