AOC puppet

Jordan Peterson has this on YouTube. If true then the DNC power control is backfiring.

Not too worried about J.P. being true. His followers were Trump voters already so he won’t have an effect on any election.

Its not about J.P. This has been going around for seven days now. J.P. just put it all in a good posting. The best videos are at the Justice Democrats own web sites. They spell it out. They want to take over the House, then the senate. Then go after the presidency by using puppets. They spent 3M to get seven people in the house this last election.

If Justice Democrats wants to remove all Democrats that they don’t control and replace them with puppets. Their policies are to upset the government at any costs to get the millennials in office. Millennials make up nearly a quarter of the total U.S. population, 30 percent of the voting age population.

On the table right now.

  1.   Impeach Trump
  2.   Green New Deal
  3.   Anti-Israel
  4.   Free medical
  5.   Free college
  6.   Debt loan forgiveness
  7.   No walls
  8.   No ICE
  9.   Apartheid payments
  10. Abortion

  11. Socialism

  12. Free living wage guarantee


In the 2018 elections, 26 of the 79 candidates endorsed by Justice Democrats won their respective primary elections. Seven of these candidates won in the general election: Raúl Grijalva, Ro Khanna, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Pramila Jayapal. RE: Wikipedia.


What is happening.

Nancy Pelosi is now against impeaching Trump. Not surprised.

Investigating AOC’s funding.

Unbossed the Congresswoman – Tlaib.

AOC – I am the boss.

All of our problems are caused by three people.’— Senior House Democrats

Democrats running for presidency are following the Justice Democratic policies like sheep.

The first thing to come to terms with. Is AOC a puppet? Her brother put her name in for a casting call. Justice Democrats got around 10,000 requests on their casting calls and picked out who they wanted to run for office. Omar was the exception, they went to her after she had already started to run and recruited her. To check to see if I got this right, go to Justice Democrats website.

Mike; You were at least interesting a few years ago. You at least stuck to your personal religious theories. But you’ve really gone downhill. Try these conversations out on people in person and notice their reactions. Better yet, read a book.

I know what you mean. This site seems to be in a different dimension. We just about lost our government to the deep state and no interest on the subject on this site. I posted this latest news about AOC to see what kind of reaction I would get. Nothing. You went after the reporter, please explain that? I posted that the most popular house congressman is an actor. And you tell me to shut up and go read a book. I think you can’t agree with what I posted because that would look bad for the communists. And you can’t debate it either because there is now a split in the Democratic Party. The label by the right will still be communist democrats no matter what you call it. On top of that your leader just stopped the impeachment goals of the party. You must be coming to the realization that Trump has a lock on 2020. And that is because of the Justice Democrats goal is taking over the Democratic Party and winning the presidency in 2024. I just wanted to know if your backing the Justice Democrats.

My money is on Nancy. I think she will somehow knock the feet out from under the Justice Democrats. As far as Chuck Schumer, I have no idea how he will fit into this picture.

She does a good job of questioning

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez questions Michael Cohen (C-SPAN)

Rep. AOC Questions Secretary Wilbur Ross: ‘Why Are We Violating The Law?’ | NBC News

Exchange between Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Wells Fargo CEO (C-SPAN)


I guess that’s a good reason for the GOP to fall all over themselves with hysterical smears against her.

The GOP don’t need to smear AOC. The Democrats eat their own.


Alexandra Rojas and Corbin Trent are coaching and scripting AOC and asking the questions. AOC is the front man puppet asking those questions as the straw-man figurehead in public view.

Ever noticed she is reading her questions from a script.

Saikat Chakrabarti co-founder of the Justice Democrats and is AOC’s chief of staff.

Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks is the leader and sets the agenda for AOC. Cenk’s goal are clear. To take over the Democratic Party by starting a new wing of the Democratic Party with the Justice Democrats. Cenk has said that he wants to run hundreds of candidates and go after every seat. Cenk calls what he is doing “wholesale change”.

Like Waleed Shahid, communications director for the Justice Democrats implies, “you can support Medicare For All and the Green New Deal and we will still go after your seat because by casting they may find someone more appealing and more of a movement builder for the Justice Democrats. They want to own the seats like they own AOC and her seat.

Cenk Uygur thinks the Democrats are not socialist enough for his goals. As in the video Cenk says he wants to replace all the Democrats in Congress.

Zak Exely a fund raiser but more importantly a mastermind for Justice Democrats. Most of the team was raised and political harden by working in the Bernie campaign.

With the success the team of Justice Democrats have had, they must be pumped up and ready to change the world in 2024.


The goal right now of the Justice Democrats is not Ideological, their goal is control and power. It is unreal to watch this play out on a day to day basis. Pelosi was so fixed on Trump she didn’t see what was coming in her backdoor. It still took her a week to drop the impeachment and look at housecleaning.


Remember the movie, Catch Me If You Can? You can bet that the AOC movie that is sure to be made and will be 10X better.


I don’t think that AOC was a professional actor. Ron Regan, J. Peterson’s idol, WAS a professional actor, before going into politics. And so what, if AOC, got support from some savvy progressive activists? Her having been a bartender and waitress before going into politics actually gives her a unique point of view that is consistent with most of America’s working class (serving others and getting barely enough pay to get by).

I feel great whenever I see AOC on TV. If she is getting help from savvy advisers to help her be most effective, then that’s great. You can call that being a puppet, but u could also call our current POTUS being a puppet whenever he reads a speech. He is himself when he is off script. He only reads speeches when he realizes that he needs to speak without being an A-hole to half of America. So, anyway, AOC, may have her prompts from her advisers, but SHE is the one with the power of the office.




I know what you mean. This site seems to be in a different dimension.
Not the site, you Mike.
We just about lost our government to the deep state and no interest on the subject on this site.
The deep state is a conspiracy theory.
I posted this latest news about AOC to see what kind of reaction I would get. Nothing. You went after the reporter, please explain that?
I've read enough of your posts to know they rarely have any value.
I posted that the most popular house congressman is an actor.
I, uh, what? Trump literally had a TV show where he pretended to know about business.


OK, let me take this to what I thought would be understood by the watching the video. There is nothing wrong with actors in office. I have no problem with that. And I don’t know anyone who does. In a way it is a plus on one’s skills dealing with the public. The issue is, Regan and Trump were actors. But they were also politicians. What is being questioned, is AOC a politician or just an actor. Is she being scripted and coached by Cenk Uygur’s team? Is any of what she says her own views or ideas? The points being made was her statements were word for word from past statements by her Justice Democrat team. And no body believes she had anything to do with the Green New Deal. To her it may only be script.

That one of things that make this so interesting to watch. It just came out that AOC is better known to the Democrats and Republicans than the rest of the 2020 Democrat presidential team put together.

She came out and said that she wanted to pay her team a living wage. It turns out that her team which is the Justice Democrats would have to report other income if they did not reduce their wages. Sounds like we are getting lied to already.

An update.

Is this a new direction for congress? Will Goggle, Ford, GM, New York State, California, Israel, Chase Bank and all the other big entities start hiring actors they control to run for office? Do you think that Mr. Reagan is on to something?

AOC is undoubtedly smarter than our current POTUS (who had all of the educational institutes, that he was involved in, threatened to not release any of his records). AOC excelled in high school and college, and was involved in extra curriculars that put her on a track of govt/public service, even then. She has a B.A. from Boston University (cum laude) in international relations and economics. After college, she had an educational director job for a while She was a political activist, and worked on Bernie’s campaign in the last Pres election. After that she continued political activism and organizing. All of this BEFORE being contacted by the PAC that set her on the track for her congressional election. There were plenty of other progressive PACs and prominent individuals who supported her run.

To accuse her of being incapable of being anything other than a puppet is baseless, not only from her own obvious self assuredness, and successful educational background, but also, from her personal background history that is utterly consistent with someone who would recognize the values of progressive goals. Check her personal history on Wikipedia.

Our obsequious-to-their-cult-leader Repubs, apparently need a new “Hillary” to attack day after day, month after month, year after year, until the steady persistent unending drip of defamation takes hold. They still shout for the Hillary to be locked up, but that dead horse has long since decayed. So, it would not surprise me, if they turn to AOC as their new, unending, target. So congrats Mike, you have gotten in on the ground floor of the insidious, and pretty much baseless political defamation of the most popular female public figure since Hillary said that “Women’s rights are Human rights.” back in the 90’s. That scared the Repubs so much, that she became their forever target.

Repubs seem to have a freak out problem when it comes to progressive women who show any signs of political excellence.

I have heard it all before. Bad Republicans, righteous democrats. Not that I think the Republicans are much better. The swamp doesn’t care what party you’re in. You can paint a picture of AOC any color you want. But a horse is still a horse no matter what color you paint it.

What is a progressive today? Does being greedy make you a progressive? That seems to be a common factor. The greedier you are, the more progressive people think you are.

John F. Kennedy was unable to get the democrats to support most of his progressive legislative reforms. Today he would seem like a conservative. I watched President Kennedy give a speech on TV and remember him saying. Ask not what the country can do for you, ask what you can do for the country. Does that sound progressive in today’s world?

That whole woman’s rights and Hillary is just another scripted coverup. You’re not going to get anywhere with that. I could ask you to answer some questions. But we can see that will never happen. It’s not the way of the greedy. And let’s be clear, I am not picking on you personally. This whole political system is being controlled by greed today. The Pharaohs job in ancient Egypt was to keep the world in balance. Greed made the world out of balance. The Pharaohs knew when the world was out of balance because the people were not happy and loving. Would you say the world is in or out of balance today?

And yes, let’s get back to Hillary. Let’s talk about 30,000 emails that were destroyed. “I saw emails that have been revealed under the Freedom of Information Act,” Napolitano said. “And in them, she is discussing the location of French fighter jets during the NATO bombardment of Libya, how big the no-fly zone is, where the no-fly zones are, and are you ready for this? — the location of Ambassador Stevens, who of course was murdered, in Libya. If that is not classified — if she didn’t know that was classified, she has no business being in public office.”

Former U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens was killed in the 2012 attack on a diplomatic compound in Benghazi. Do emails contained on Clinton’s private server really discuss information about his location in Libya?

We had four Americans killed in Benghazi. We had a Secretary who was revealing classified information because she wanted to keep the pay to play out of the governments system.

A caste system will never indict its own for fear of diminishing the caste system. It is not uncommon for Deep States to form in caste systems. Our founding fathers built America with the means to stop the caste system in government. Yet, from your statements about Hillary, it appears to me that you want the caste system. Lois Learner took an inch and Hillary got a mile. That’s why is it critical for the Russian probe to continual. Until the government can explain to the American public why Hillary and Trump were not treated the same by the American justice system. Expect gun sales to increase and faith and trust in government to diminish. The Mueller report needs to be made public. The people want a taste of truth and are hungry for a lot more.

That comes from the guy who thinks a gold plated self-promoter con-artist bully should be his culture hero, and the rest of us are supposed to bow down to the traitor.

Why the Right Is So Obsessed With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

A guide to Republicans’ flimsy, self-refuting hatred of the incoming congresswoman.


NOV 16,

The right’s obsession with Ocasio-Cortez isn’t merely flimsy. It’s self-refuting. Conservatives and liberal naysayers diminish the congresswoman-elect as a know-nothing millennial whose election was a fluke driven by demographic changes (read: voters blindly ticking a box for the candidate who looks most like them). But if they actually believed she was a naïf with no capacity to effect change, they wouldn’t be hyperventilating over her ascent. During his (ultimately successful) campaign for governor of Florida this summer, Republican Rep. Ron DeSantis called out “this girl, Ocasio-Cortez, or whatever she is” for having “no clue what she’s talking about.” When a gubernatorial candidate chooses a then-28-year-old politician in a state 1,000 miles away as his target before she’s ever taken office, you know she’s onto something.

It’s not hard to see why Ocasio-Cortez is a perfect straw-man villain for the right: She’s young, Latina, working-class, a woman, and a self-identified socialist. But Republicans are even more scared of Ocasio-Cortez’s ideas than they are of her identities. After all the unfounded claims that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton would steer the country toward socialism, here’s someone who actually would. (Bernie Sanders is a socialist, too, but he’s also a jovial white grandpa—not enough of an “other” to merit a total pile on from the right.) By elevating Ocasio-Cortez to national prominence, Republicans hope to cast the entire Democratic Party in her image, making a party establishment that wasn’t too thrilled with her win seem like a bunch of radical, freedom-hating communists. It behooves the GOP to talk most about the Democrats its base likes the least.

But since you got me to do some AOC surfing I’ve realized (perhaps not for the first) that you aren’t even original. It’s like you go to Anthony Watt’s for your climate info and FOX news for everything else. Broaden your horizons:

Why Trump's superfans dig Ocasio-Cortez 'I aspire to be the conservative AOC,' said one GOP congressman.


They detest what she stands for. They think her policies would destroy the country. And they wish she would just go away.

All the same, many of President Donald Trump’s most media-conscious supporters can’t help but admit it: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has got serious political game.

“I aspire to be the conservative AOC,” Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) told POLITICO. Gaetz, an outspoken 36-year-old in his second term who has achieved a measure of prominence as a highly visible Trump defender, said there’s just one problem with that aspiration: “I can’t dance for shit.”

"AOC has what I call ‘gameness’ or competitive heart — the combination of grit, determination, fighting spirit that you can’t coach,” Steve Bannon, Trump’s former chief strategist, told POLITICO. “You either have it or you don’t, and she has it big league.”

5 of the zaniest right-wing attacks against Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

A far-right blogger criticized her for using the nickname “Sandy”—insisting she wasn’t really “Alex from the Bronx”

  1. John LeFevre attacks Ocasio-Cortez for finding Washington, D.C. rents unaffordable

  2. Ocasio-Cortez attacked for dancing in college

  3. American Spectator’s Melissa Mackenzie insisted that dancing showed Ocasio-Cortez to be ‘privileged’

  4. John Cardillo tries to smear Ocasio-Cortez as spoiled and pampered

  5. Ocasio-Cortez attacked for the nickname ‘Sandy’

The Exceptions to the Rulers

When people of color enter elite spaces, they’re often attacked as undeserving charlatans. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is no different.

January 9, 2019 | Adam Serwer | Staff writer at The Atlantic

Conservatives’ obsession with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may seem ridiculous. Ever since the 29-year-old former bartender wrested the Democratic primary nomination from the 10-term incumbent Joe Crowley, right-wing media has fixated on the unapologetically left-wing representative. From her clothes to her nickname to her high school to her childhood home, conservatives seem particularly intent on proving that her working-class background is fraudulent.

Some of the frenzy is rooted in sexism—conservative pundits have referred to Ocasio-Cortez as a “little girl,” and openly fantasized about going on a “date or two” with her. Some of it has to do with her politics—she recently suggested taxing income above $10 million at 70 percent, anathema to conservatives (but hardly as radical as they wish it were). She is an effective avatar of the rising left: a young, working-class person of color who is fluent in the culture of the internet and, unusually for a Democrat with a national profile, not easily spooked by criticism from the right. It is not surprising that conservatives would oppose Ocasio-Cortez; her politics are opposed to theirs. But that fails to explain the degree of interest she has drawn from her right-wing critics since winning the primary last year.



The more that our current cult leader POTUS succeeds politically, the stronger AOC can become from the backlash that will ultimately come when our nation and the world goes down the toilet if there is a second term of that lying, country and world dividing, amoral, self-serving, white supremacist loving, dictator loving, national debt boosting, tax-cutting for the wealthiest, human rights violating (by allowing asylum seeking children to be kidnapped by our govt), climate change denying, healthcare destroying, Bible autographing, piece of sh!t.


In that case, AOC can become our 1st Hispanic and 1st female POTUS in Jan of 2025 to try to put the pieces back together again.

SMH at Boomers arguing over politics that have passed them by.

And what condescending generation dost thou hail from, oneguy? If it is one that is actually in the prime of effective political activism, you could perhaps deign to impart your superior insights.

Approximate ages per “generations”:

post millennial ages - 18 to 21

millennial - 22 to 37

generation x - 38 to 53

boomers - 54 to 72

greatest generation - 73 to older


Gen X’ers will soon surpass Boomers in sheer numbers of eligible voters, but are not close to surpassing the numbers who actually vote. Now if Gen X’ers and millenials were to vote as a block, they might actually have more political impact in an election than Boomers. Especially if they would get off their apathetic asses. But pitting generations against one another is a politically self destructive endeavor. Especially in Presidential elections, with our 2 Party system, cooperation among all generations is crucial, because of the tiny % of voters that make the difference in who is elected.

AOC is a millennial. I am a Boomer who is all in favor of extraordinary progressive millenials taking over political power. And I don’t think that they will turn down my vote, due to my age.