Another hero gone too soon

We each have our personal list of heroes. For some, it includes trump.

I have my own list which contains persons generally opposite from trump, putin, bibi, etc.

Alexei Navalny is on my list. I am saddened by his death.

Edit to add: BTW, not one of my heroes is perfect.

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France is going to celebrate Missak Manouchian and his comrades, immigrants, Jewish for some of them, and communists, who gave their life to fight Nazism.

[Missak Manouchian - Wikipedia]

After their execution, Vichy propaganda created a poster denouncing the resistance as a foreign conspiracy .

[Affiche Rouge - Wikipedia]

The poem of Aragon and the song by Leo Ferré are very beautiful.


You can set subtitles in English even if here, Ferré is not the singer.

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He had a very unpleasant history of right-wing, neofascist populism and serious racism.

Thanks, I was not aware of him.

In fact was he a MI6 agent??