Trump just announced the deaths of some "sick," "disgusting" "cowards."

He was speaking of Islamic terrorists.

But he has used the exact same words to describe Democrats, journalists and Republicans who oppose him.

Just saying.

Damn, he is a disgusting man.

I just heard that the allies that he betrayed (the Kurds), followed up our kill of Al Bagdaddy, by killing the ISIS mouthpiece. I wish we still had those guys on our side. No one other than Kurds or US special forces seem to be capable of killing ISIS members.

Oh, T rump pre-informed Russia and other nations, and some in his party, but did not do the traditional practice of pre-informing the congressional Gang of Eight, because it has Democrats in it. He obviously trusts Russians more than American Democratic leaders.

I don’t know if he did have anyone killed or not. Remember President Obama manage to have a military team go in and kill Osama, but we never saw a body. Not sure if I believe that either, but given that the dotard is a notorious liar, I can’t believe it’s true.

It is always a good idea to be skeptical of anything T rump says, since, more often that not, he’s lying in some way, whenever he says anything.

In this case, the Russians say he is lying (they already claimed that they killed Bagdaddy some time back.) So it could be like dueling banjos of liars. But I am leaning toward believing that Bagdaddy is dead and was killed by our special forces. I heard we got the initial intel from the Iraqis.

So it could be like dueling banjos of liars.

Oh wow. Has anyone done that video yet? Putin and Trump and guess we know who fills each respective role.

Lordie, lordie, now I really need to have Maddy take me on another walk, clear my head of that scene.

I honestly don’t know whether or not I believe the ISIS cowards are dead.

That’s actually a different issue.

What angered me, when I heard him this morning, is that in his limited vocabulary and view of the world, he uses the EXACT SAME TERMINOLOGY to describe these murderers as he uses to describe the Americans who oppose him, including elected officials and his own justice department (or who simply cover him objectively).

Because the point isn’t the terminology. The point is, inside his shallow tiny brain, he really sees them as the same. Everyone in the world is either GOOD (Pro-Trump, Valuable) or BAD (Anti-Trump, Worthless.)

It’s not hard to imagine an aide going to his office one day and saying, “Mr President, there has been a terrible tragedy. A masked man with an automatic rifle just shot and killed 47 Democratic members of Congress,” or “A bomb went off at the Washington Post and several hundred are presumed dead”…



His lack of vocabulary is endearing for his base, but annoying to the rest of us. I was disappointed that he even took questions, then more disappointed as he kept using the moment to promote himself. Talking about collecting body parts was particularly weird. That he mentioned Russia as being helpful first, then other surrounding countries, then the Kurds, almost as an after thought, pretty obvious. Russia was told there would be something happening, probably with little warning, and they agreed not to shout us down. Thanks Putin!

Oh fraulein. I had to look up SCHADENFREUDE. I guess I am not worldly enough. But now that I know what it means, I will use it in a sentence.

I would have the utmost SCHADENFREUDE if T rump were removed from office.

Everything Trump says is hyperbolic. I don’t understand the psychology, but he feels the need to add descriptive words like this all the time. You see it in his every day speech. From his “beautiful, perfect” call to the Ukraine to his, “beautiful” piece of chocolate cake to the “great” and “best” people who work for him, until they are facing prison time, then the “traitors” and “scum” and “despicable” people who “spied” on him. Whenever he “feels” something, or he wants you to think he does, he adds often hyperbolic, descriptive words to his sentences. I’m sure it is closely related to the reason he says, “believe me” right after he tells a whopper of a lie.

Yes, T rump uses just about every word that comes out of his mouth as an attempt to manipulate others into holding him in undeserved esteem. And it works on at least 35% of the population.

Our special forces that took down Al Bagdaddy, had a few minor casualties. They are all ok. But you know how T rump keeps saying that Bagdaddy died like a dog? Well one of our troops got injured like a dog, when he chased Bagdaddy down that underground corridor, and Bagdaddy purportedly blew himself up, along with 3 kids that he had with him.

Here is a pic of that trooper who was injured like a dog: (his name has not been released)


Look into that dog’s eyes. He has seen some things.


Here is one of T rump’s great quotes: “They call it a K-9. I call it a dog…”

What an orator.


I suspect that any advantage in the “war on terror” that we gained by killing Bagdaddy, was blown to hell by T rump, deciding to take over the oil fields and calling it spoils of war. Any nutty Muslim that was leaning toward joining the likes of ISIS or Al Qaeda, is getting ready to join up, now. They take offense at the US stealing mid east oil.

I remember when it was in vogue to say “No blood for oil!”. But I guess in this case, we weren’t so much using our blood, as the Kurds.


The oil fields are in the Kurdish zone.


Oh wow. Thanks!

So they’re saying that the military folks wanted to keep a presence in Syria, so they lured T rump into holding some back. Like one would manipulate a little kid. Donny! Look! Some oil fields! Let’s go get 'em.

This is like old days of child kings, when the court advisor would have to try to manipulate the king and keep the little rascal from having someone’s head cut off on a whim.

But if it’s the Kurds oil, are we stealing it from them? T rump clearly thinks we should have that oil. Perhaps our military guys are just hoping that T rump will eventually lose interest and forget all about it.

As I am the anonymous sexy whistleblower for Halloween, I will leak the formerly classified name of the dog who was the last to see Bagdaddy alive. His name is… shhhh…


(not to be confused with the late night comedian talk show host of the same name).

Good Boy! Conan. Good dog.

This is a bit off topic, but CC, Maddy is single right? What do you think about a match up with Conan? He looks like a handsome, studly consort.

T rump apparently got info about the last moments of Bagdaddy’s life from a highly classified but oft used source (his butthole).

So how about a pic of Maddy (Isn’t that your dog’s name?) put next to Conan, here, so we can judge whether they may be compatible? (Tho she would have to understand that he probably has PTSD issues.)