An abortion doctor on Trump’s win: ‘I fear for my life. I fear for my patients.’ Dr. Warren Hern

Wake up America, party is over. If you want to retain rights that took decades to achieve, you had better finally join the struggle, it’s going to take the efforts of millions to moderate the coming nightmare. I fear we ain’t got it in us. Oh the times will be a changing. Oligarchs will be pleased as punch. Real world problems will get worse. Hostilities will grow and the NRA will be peddling a civil war in order to keep gun sales high.
Here we have yet another contrived issue with hundreds of example of the Alt-Right and Republicans ignoring facts they don’t like, by replacing them with lies of their own choosing and ignoring everything else. It’s ludicrous, the amount of disinterested US eligible voters, citizens they consider themselves, but they didn’t care enough to recognize what we were gambling with. Here’s another area of hard won freedom, in mortal peril and dependent on an unheard of up uproar from thousands and millions of Americans demanding that these rights remain in place.
In this land of professed freedom where’s the woman’s right to sovereignty over her own body
and the right of to women to the self defense over her sovereign being.
No a fetus does not change that. A fetus is a fetus a precious life form,
one that needs to achieve various hurdles before it can take on the mantle of personhood.
Abortion is a personal issue of the highest importance. Abortion is of no importance to Matters of State.
There’s no justification for religious dogma inspired laws to deny defenseless women their personal freedom.
But the Alt-Right and religion blinded people are demanding nothing less.
Now they have the ability. Only and informed and engaged public has a chance of retaining these rights that Republicans want to destroy.
We The People, it’s our move.

By WARREN M. HERN NOVEMBER 11, 2016 ... In fact, one week ago I received a chilling letter from Representative Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.), the most ferociously anti-abortion member of Congress, who chairs the Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives. The letter demanded that I submit a wide variety of documents, including patient medical records in cases of gestations greater than 22 weeks. I have until Nov. 21 to comply. The panel is looking for evidence that I am selling “baby body parts." It has the power of subpoena and can cite me for contempt of Congress if I don’t comply by the deadline. It is frightening. It is a witch hunt. I am a physician helping patients, and I am being treated like a criminal. The star chamber proceedings of the Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives is a target identification program for the anti-abortion assassins. It is terrifying. At a deeper level, I have no confidence that Trump and the current Republican leadership will protect my life and liberty because of the work I do to help women. Their public harassment of me increases my risk of assassination. Trump is a man who seems to care nothing for the protections of the Constitution, including civil rights and free speech. He threatens violence against members of the press and those who disagree with him. His vile, vulgar, and predatory attitudes toward women have been on lurid display from the beginning to the end of his campaign. He threatens the world with nuclear instability. How can he be the president of a country that represents freedom and civility? Since Roe v. Wade, federal legislation and court decisions have affected us only indirectly. There have been numerous attempts to shut me down at the state level since I began performing abortions in Colorado in 1973. Many of these bills have been directed specifically at me and at my medical practice. I have testified against them dozens of times, sometimes under armed guard. With the help of pro-choice community and political leaders, I’ve seen most of these bills defeated. But Trump’s election, combined with continuing control of the Congress by anti-abortion Republicans, ratchets up the threat to what we do to help women. It’s now higher than ever before. Trump can sign the most restrictive anti-abortion legislation with impunity. After he has replaced several sitting Supreme Court justices, Roe vs. Wade will be overturned, and we will all be at the mercy of even more conservative state legislatures. This is profoundly discouraging to me, especially since I want to bring in a young doctor or two who can continue my important work when I cannot do it. What can I tell a young physician about the future? Every day is a struggle for survival. During the past month, I have had conversations about my specialized abortion practice in Colorado with numerous idealistic young doctors, nurses, medical students, and other health professionals. The young physicians, including Americans who are studying in Europe, expressed their desire to serve women by performing abortions. They bought copies of my textbook on abortion care and they said they wanted to visit my practice to learn how I safely perform late abortions for women who are terminating desired pregnancies because of catastrophic fetal abnormalities. But they also expressed concern for the intensity, violence, and power of the anti-abortion movement in the United States. They had read about the assassinations of American physicians such as Dr. George Tiller, who specialized in abortion services. They knew about the attacks on other clinics and physicians, including the time in 1988 when the front windows of my office were shot out. What security can I offer young physicians that they can have a fulfilling life and medical career in this work helping women and their families? Under an unrestrained Donald Trump and this Republican Congress, I fear for my life, I fear for my family, and I fear for my future. I fear for my staff and my patients. Even more, I fear for my country, and I fear for the world. Warren M. Hern, MD, is a physician and epidemiologist who directs the Boulder Abortion Clinic in Boulder, Colo.
CC: Also it would help if Marsha Blackburn, Chairman of the Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives of the Committee on Energy and Commerce received thousands, tens of thousand of letters demanding that she stop her witch hunt. Hell, I'd tell her more: Grow Marsha Blackburn, look beyond your self-serving religious dogma and face the human reality of the tragedy of abortion. Honorable Marsha Blackburn Chairman Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives Of the Committee on Energy and Commerce House of Representatives, 2125 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20515-6115