Vasectomies On The Rise

Due to Roe vs Wade being overturned, quite a few men are seeking vasectomies.

The day after the leaked draft of the Supreme Court opinion about Roe v. Wade was published online, Sam Peagler made an appointment to get a vasectomy. Peagler, 26, a copywriter for Meta who lives in Austin, Texas, decided with his wife years ago that they didn’t want children. He’d figured he would get the procedure after he turned 30, but he moved up the timeline because he felt a need “to exercise my bodily autonomy to protect her and protect myself,” he said.

“I’ve been wanting to get a vasectomy, at least planning on it at some point, for most of my adult life,” Peagler said. “I was comfortable in the decision that I wasn’t going to have children, and my wife was comfortable with it, as well. It was something we discussed together.”
The Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade on Friday, ending a constitutional right to abortion. The ruling sparked protests across the country and triggered a flurry of legal activity in state courts by abortion rights advocates. It also led more men to seek vasectomies, like Peagler.

Seems like overkill. They want to make a stand for the cause, and you would think these mostly young men are aware of OTC contraception being easily affordable, available and much less drastic than neutering themselves.

But then again, maybe they’re doing it for Instagram likes.

If they really don’t want kids or any more kids then it’s not overkill. Why should birth control be only the woman’s responsibility? These guys may truly be doing it out of a sense of responsibility. You don’t know exactly why all these men chose a vasectomy and it’s really none of your business.

You even gave a quote where a man said he’s been wanting/planning one and that they already made the decision not to have kids. So why are you saying it’s overkill if a guy wanted one? Please, spear us.

There are only a few contraceptives that are 100% effective.

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And they better get it done before the Xian-fanatics ban any form of contraception.


One of my uncles got a voluntary vasectomy.

But before the surgery, his sperm was frozen. When he found a woman to wed, they had 2 children.


Seems like a lot of trouble to go through.

Really? And unplanned or undesired parenthood isn’t? Or worse, seeing your wife die from childbirth isn’t?

A vasectomy is an extreme choice. There are simply much easier ways to practice birth control.

Also, a 20-something or even early 30’s man is likely to have a change of heart as he gets older about these kinds of decisions.

Well, that’s life isn’t it.

A man can avoid fatherhood with the usual contraceptives. Hundreds of millions of men have been doing that for a long time. And childbirth deaths are rare in the developed world.

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Oh so the woman has to take all responsibility for not getting pregnant?

Yeah, that stupid double standard going on for decades, maybe even centuries.

You really haven’t learned much have you? Childbirth deaths are high in the U.S., especially among women of colour, but what do you care? You don’t like people of colour, so they can just drop off the face of the world. Like many other things, they U.S. is #1 for maternal deaths during childbirth. It has highest death rate, compared to other developing countries and it’s not as rare as you are trying to let on. If I weren’t going to work this morning, I’d find the research on this, which shows we are #1 in deaths for women giving birth. However, you won’t care, because those who dying the most are people of colour and white women aren’t at the top of the list.

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Yeah, the easy way- have women take all the responsibility for not getting pregnant. Hopefully, you’ll find a woman who doesn’t care that you have a double standard.

Luckily, many now days don’t take your attitude or at least those my 33 year old son runs with.

Love and leave them if they become pregnant? Or would you actually take responsibility for the consequences of having sex? Better yet, if that’s what you think, maybe you should go with the sure thing 100% won’t cause pregnancy- celibacy.

Here we are we don’t need more vasectomies we need more births becuse of this people don’t realzie planned parenthood is not working something else that is better that doesn’t forces people to lose fertility for women and surgery for men is not needed.

“By the end of this century, the report found, the world’s population is projected to virtually stop growing for the first time in history. And a widely cited study published in the Lancet last year suggested this population peak would come even earlier - in 2064.”

Have you heard of overpopulation? A rise in prosperity usually results in a stabilizing population. So, this is good. Why would you think it’s bad?

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Overpopulation, combined with climate changes is a Monster we created, and which will devour us if nothing change.

On the other side, some developed countries have stabilized their population with very low birth rates, as Japan and Germany.

It is a disaster in many ways. For instance, the proportion of eldest rises too much and the active population must support a financial burden much too high.

The countries lack workers and so …

Not necessarily but they usually do anyway.

America is far from first place in childbirth deaths.

You’re assuming a lot here, but the last sentence touches on a really important point – sex is ultimately about reproduction – women know this instinctively but men do not.

Didn’t we do this with gun violence? I don’t want to know how the US ranks against countries with minimal infrastructure, we should compare ourselves to similar cultures. We often do poorly.

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Mriana said America is the worst in the world. We aren’t, and we’re only slightly worse than other developed nations.

Did you know Cuba has a lower childbirth death rate than the US.
Not that that would matter to you.
If it don’t directly impact you, ‘who cares’

Speaking of the Republican leaders, and their rank and file’s, utter disconnect from reality, compassion, forethought, not to mention sober medical science:

Dr. Jennifer Conti, an obstetrician-gynecologist, talks about the bizarre contortions abortion opponents are putting themselves through to ignore reality as the painful cruelty of abortion bans becomes clear to the American public in examples like child rape.

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“I’m amazed a 10-year-old got pregnant. … You really wrestle with that. That’s a tough one,” Rep. Bob Gibbs, R-Ohio, said Thursday.

Rep. Debbie Lesko, R-Ariz., said, “I can’t imagine being 10 years old” and pregnant, adding: “I don’t think I was even able to have children when I was 10 years old. … It’s just awful. It’s awful all the way around.”

I thought there was some general level of education needed to get into politics. Maybe not for GOPers.