Acrophilia: The Love Of Heights

I just love the feeling of being at high places, it gives me a deep feeling of freedom and clarity. Nothing feels like this, and its not about looking down and admiring the view from above, its more about looking out and seeing things that you couldn’t have when standing at ground level.

Are there more people on here who lo e heights?


I get a kick out of heights, never thought of it in terms of love of heights more like thrill, like walking atop a 5.5 inch wide top plate of a wall that’s twenty feet up, (during my hay day, “great rooms” were all the rage). Helping fly in the trusses and setting them was always one of my favorite days on a construction job. But there’s always a ting of fear that worth tasting now and then. The better views is a nice bonus not to be dismissed. :wink:

Or even better playing around Canyon Lands and sandstone formations and cliffs, dancing with the vortex of danger, (or death if you step too close). But I’ve always had a healthy fear of personal injury, so I don’t do things I imagine an Acrophilia might feel compelled to try.



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