Let’s talk about Height

Have you ever noticed that society has a weird obsession with height? It starts in childhood when kids are told to eat nutritious foods to grow big and strong. (Strength is viewed kinda the same way). I understand the evolutionary benefits associated with height but the preference for it seems out of balance.

Full disclosure: I’m a shorter than average guy and thus biased. What are your thoughts?

I am 1, 86 m, seems to be 6ft 1.23 in, a little above average French size, 175.6 cm (5 ft 9 in), and USA 1, 753 cm (5 ft 9 in).

It has advantages, but some draws, as for instance, car are small for me when i drive.

In my experience, it’s the short people who try to compensate for it with a bigger attitude that tends to bring the prejudice/discrimination with them.

And it’s on full display in “A Christmas Story”

And by “Experience” I mean grade school, high school, college, and even into the workplace.
There’s always some short person with a bad attitude about his height.

I have also met plenty of “normal” :wink: short people.

I’m 4’ 11" and I pretty much keep to myself. You could ask my family, I’ve never had an attitude and I’m usually rather quiet. I had 6 different high schools and I seriously doubt anyone remembers me. I didn’t do much in college except study and take care of my sons, so maybe a few more than in high school remember me. I participated in class discussions, but I didn’t get bent about things.

That said, there is one thing I do hate- being called “Little Mriana”. :roll_eyes: I maybe as tall as a nine year old or slightly taller than the tallest dwarf, but I don’t like being called little, even if I am. It makes me feel as though one thinks of me as a child.

I guess it’s just one of those traits that everybody respects even though it’s not extremely important. If I remember correctly, the evolutionary reason for tallness is that it’s a way to advertise good genes and good health. Just like good looks.

As for an obsession with height – I don’t know, maybe for some. Short men definitely have to “try harder”, but I think our society probably obsesses more over other appearance-related things like looking young. At 5’10’’ I’m about average height; rarely feel tall or short compared to most people, but I wouldn’t mind being taller.

I actually don’t often see this with younger guys who are short (I’m a Millennial). I think they tend to become withdrawn, not hostile.

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There’s some statistic out there about most CEOs being over 6 ft. It could be that a taller kid gets more respect, and translates into success skills

Well, if one is short, they often do look younger. Tall people don’t always look younger. I think being short is cool. I didn’t think so when I was younger, but look at the Japanese and other short Asian. From what I can tell reading stats, many have longevity, especially Okinawans. If diet is involved with with tallness, then why did they only get the longevity and not the tallness? Diet is one reason given for their longevity. So again, what’s wrong with being short? BTW, how many Asian businessmen have been successful? Japan and China seem to have a LOT of short businessmen and women.

Yes, the same is true of politicians.

I haven’t noticed a correlation between height and aging. Unless you mean smaller stature makes a person look young.

Signs of aging like gray hair or wrinkling do not seem to occur at a different rate in short people.

However, a correlation between balding and short stature has been observed in men.

I have a feeling it’s a simple physical matter. When you’re taller than others, you can look down on them, which has an emotional feel to it, as in “looking down on” them. And also then people look up to you, emotionally “look up” to you. No different than a child looking up, physically and emotionally, to her parents, and them looking down on her. So a physical act that has emotional aspects, which can of course be positive or negative. A tall king (to use a simplistic example) might look down on his people and therefore feel care for them, or could feel domination over them.

Short men have more difficulties attracting women and being respected by other men. That’s why they have to try harder. Shortness is probably not as bad for women.

Interesting. Now that I think about it, short men do seem to be bald more often. Another thing that comes to mind is how bald, short guys are kind of an old trope in comedy.

I sometimes wish I found a short man. Tall men are hard on my toes.

Maybe, but my father , who is short (5’ 3") and is now 75, isn’t bald.

That is what I mean. Many do look younger.

My daughter has a companion, who is short and bald. Her two preceding BF were short.

This is exactly what occurs during interactions between tall men and short men.

I fully agree as a short guy.

Maybe move to Japan. Although some are getting taller in recent years, but not as many in the U.S. As a short woman, I would have loved to have met a short man when I was single. Every man I met was tall and I only dreamed of a man who was short.