FEAR OF INSECTS - Entomophobia

Anyone else have a fear of insects?
When I see anything small and crawly, I immediately get a feeling of intense fear or anxiety.
I found this online video which helped me out a lot!

Its 13min long but very instructive and talks about how to overcome it.
I can now tolerate some bugs I couldn’t before.


For me, it’s snakes. Even a garden snake can make me freeze and hyperventilate.

Yuk! I hate snakes too! Someone told me once to research how they move, their speed, what makes them scared ect and by knowing these facts, it becomes less frightening just to know that I can jump or even just walk away quickly without having to worry if they can jump up at me or something like that :\

but they are still ‘sneaky’ little buggers.

Nope! As a child, I assisted my grandparents in their garden. Copperheads love green beans. There were far too many times my grandfather would say a firm “Don’t move!” and then his hoe came down, leaving a copperhead’s head separated from his body near my feet. Learning about them to alleviate fear is a bunch of crap. Then there was this little boy in the area who thought baby copperheads were earthworms and used them for fishing. The medics couldn’t airvac him to the nearest hospital fast enough. He died. Did you know baby copperheads, just one baby, has as much venom as a full grown copperhead? Imagine enough to go fishing. That kid never stood a chance. So, educating yourself does not work to ease fear. It only makes it worse.

but if the kid who died would have educated himself in what he was using he would of probably reconsidered his alternatives.

Myself, I think I hate spiders the most but for some weird reason, I can actually hold daddy long leg spiders (what they call them over here)!?
When I was young, I could remember at around the age of 8-9, we would get back home late one night and with the porch light on during the time we were gone, it attracted big gooey spiders and I’m thinking the reason why I despise those the most is probably because when I said to my mother, ewww look a spider, she said ahh, that’s nothing and with her bare figures, she would squish it like it was nothing!

He was a kid. His education was on his parents.

I am also having fear of snakes, cockroaches and all kinds of insects. Your video link very helpful for me. Thank you so much for this!!!