Accountability Action Network - Scott Dworkin eyeing Manchin and Sinema

Interesting video, Republican sure are depended on utterly demonizing Democratic principles. For a party that’s done so much palpable damage to the United States, all they have is their insular hermetically sealed minds. So there’s a new organization out there and I figured I’d to my minuscule part is spreading the word.

In 2020, we worked and worked to achieve a blue majority. However, it was all for nothing if a few key Democrats refuse to work with the rest of the party on true, progressive change. Senators such as Manchin and Sinema don't seem to care about pursuing the values they claim to support, and the Democratic National Committee will continue to fund them regardless.

That’s why we’ve created the Accountability Action Fund to hold them to their word and take back the blue wave we worked so hard for.

The Accountability Action Fund is a newly founded grassroots organization created to hold Democrats who vote with the Republican party accountable. The money we raise goes straight to media campaigns to name and shame these Democrats. This includes mail campaigns, billboards, TV, and radio messages. However, this won’t be cheap, which is why we need your help. Can you join our fight to hold right-wing Democrats accountable?


We are the Accountability Action Fund. We are a newly launched grassroots funded PAC created to hold Democrats who vote with Republicans on key issues accountable.

The money we raise through grassroots efforts goes straight to media campaigns to name and shame the Democrats who vote against the interest of the people, including mail campaigns, billboards, TV, and radio messaging. Through this, we look to be able to make the public aware of those that are falling behind what is demanded of them in Congress.

Senators such as Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are free to block President Biden’s agenda without any repercussions. We are here to make sure that those who run as Democrats uphold the values that they ran on.

We can’t do this without you. It is time that we stand up and hold Republicans in the Democratic Party accountable. But it won’t be cheap, which is why we need your help. Will you join our fight by making a donation to the Accountability Action Fund?


Would be nice if the values that they hold were expressed

Well yeah, it would be nice to know more about them. Although I imagine they pretty much toe the party line, you could google:

www democrats_org/where-we-stand/party-platform/
Truth be told I got a feeling they won't amount to much, but still anything to put a little spotlight on the two miscreants isn't a bad thing.

Here’s another start up,

A trio of progressives who helped launch Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s 2018 upset campaign are now setting their sights on Senate Democrats.

The co-founders of No Excuses PAC — Saikat Chakrabarti, Corbin Trent and Zack Exley — are starting a search for candidates to challenge incumbent Democrats they say are standing in the way of ambitious action to end the coronavirus pandemic and revive the economy.

West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin and Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema — who aren’t up for reelection until 2024 — are the first Democrats on their target list, the left-wing strategists shared first with POLITICO. Chakrabarti and Trent are also former aides to Ocasio-Cortez.

Manchin and Sinema’s opposition to eliminating the legislative filibuster — which requires a 60-vote threshold for most legislation — is the main reason No Excuses is putting a call out for possible challengers. Progressives have increasingly pressed Senate Democrats and President Joe Biden to end the filibuster, arguing that in an evenly divided Senate it will be nearly impossible to find enough Republicans to pass major pieces of Biden’s agenda.

“The only real way to pressure any of these folks and hold them accountable to their promises is to threaten their power, and threaten the seat that they hold and threaten their reelection,” said Chakrabarti, who is also a former chief-of-staff to Ocasio-Cortez. “We sort of have this theory that the voters in Arizona and the voters in West Virginia would care more about action, they care more about jobs and their community and money in their pockets than they do about an arcane Senate rule called the filibuster.”

I’ve learned to trim my own expectations down to the most basics at this point. Respecting Truth, Embracing Learning, Understanding Serious Science and why it matters, Love for this Earth and the Biosphere that created us, cooperation among people. What are your values, particularly when it come to honesty?

Yeah, lots of learning to be had from Nina Turner’s loss

Oh dear, looks like the Clinton Monster flexed what muscle she has left.

So the Democrat powers that be still haven’t learned any lessons.

And Bennet is a sleepy head.

Still it sure beats this garbage:



“Still it sure beats this garbage”

Why? They are fighting for the same cause.

Tex, you have a very weird sense of equivalence.

Not to mention the huge blinders you sport.

Incidentally, for a little perspective,

Were Manchin and Sinema elected on the premise that they would vote to eliminate the filibuster?

Were any of the candidates elected to blindly follow the party line?

It used to be politicians would act and vote in a way that would represent their constituents, or their own values and positions.

The “Party Line at any cost” was very apparent in the GOP way back in the vote for Obamacare. Democrats still had their individual freedoms. The ACA had to be watered down and filled with pork to get the rest of the dems on board, because they knew not one GOPer was allowed to vote for it, even though a number of GOPers agreed with the plan.

Now this lock-step mentality is bleeding into the Blue side.

The filibuster - be careful for what you wish.

Sausage making has never has been pretty.