A T rump COVID spreading Campaign Rally in Tulsa

Sree, in your imagined romanticized heroism, you might well survive COVID-19 without severe long term ill effects. Who Knows? But you might also pass it on to others, who pass it on to others, who pass it on to others, and somewhere along the way, some people die, some people lose loved ones, and some people’s lives are forever scarred.

And the payoff is not ending the Cold War for awhile. The payoff is not even a reviving economy, because the economy will continue to be stifled if we do not get the Pandemic under control.

The only payoff is for YOU and others like you, who imagine themselves as heroic “warriors”. We have always had chicken hawks promoting war, when they are NOT the ones who will be experiencing the brunt of warfare. Chicken hawks are among the lowest of humans, in by book.

A funny thing happened on the way to the t RUMP COVID spreading Campaign Rally in Tulsa.

Ten’s of thousands never showed up.

The prepared for 40K overflow crowd, did not show.

The indoor venue with a capacity of 19K did not fill up. A Tulsa official said the fire dept only counted 6200. That seems small, and a t RUMP official said that 12K went thru metal detector. So let’s say it was closer to 12K. Still pretty low attendance considering that Oklahoma is one of the hottest beds of t RUMP support anywhere.


Still 12K is plenty to help spread COVID considering the conditions of the event, combined with the fact that new cases of C-19 are at a peak, already in Oklahoma.

Oh and there was some celebration by a loose affiliation of young trolls and their confederates who supposedly pranked the t RUMP Campaign by having many many false RSVP acknowledgements. This seems to be supported by the t RUMP’s own campaign’s announcement that they had had 1 million responses of interest in attending that Rally.




This is a T rump supporter, who appears to be social distancing, in the balcony, at the poorly attended Tulsa Rally.

He could have gone down to the floor with the people standing packed towards the front, (despite there being space behind them) so that he could do his part as a T rump “warrior” to help Make America Underpopulated Again.

Here’s something people may want to read. The sad thing is, they have no idea about the heart damage, the blood clot that cause strokes (for young people too and even in mild cases), and more damage it does, yet they all want to deny the disease and/or what it does to people. Despite this, they don’t educate themselves about the disease and think those who tell them about it are making up stuff, lying about, or fallen for what Fauci and the CDC says. They make up all sorts of things, including attempting to ruin the dotard’s re-election. It’s really crazy and it’s ignorance. I suspect sree and others are operating on some of this stuff too.


More than 115,000 Americans have died from COVID-19, caseloads and hospitalizations are soaring in key states, and Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, is warning that the nation is “still in the first wave” and won’t return to normality this year. But Trumpists have returned to the talking point they settled on at the start of the pandemic: Democrats and the press, they claim, are conspiring together, exaggerating the danger from the virus in order to damage President Donald Trump’s political standing.
“The medical deep state strikes again,” Ingraham said of his statement over the weekend that normality won’t return this fall or winter. “The bottom line for all of us is that the president and his campaign should simply not react to any of this alarmist COVID drivel from here on out,” she concluded.
Ingraham isn’t the only one at Fox positing such a conspiracy theory. Her colleague Tucker Carlson last week attacked journalists who “were acting as press agents for power-drunk Democratic politicians” by “lying to us about the coronavirus and our response to it,” claiming that “we can say conclusively the lockdowns were not necessary.”
The Trump administration’s propagandists have simply returned to the argument they used at the very beginning of the pandemic in late February -- that Democrats and the press were overhyping the danger posed by coronavirus because they hate the president. The argument captivated the president at the time and likely played a role in his inept response as the virus spread.

Fox and its right-wing media compatriots failed their audiences by serving up this propaganda in the place of real information about a growing public health threat and the steps that could be taken to minimize it.

Well guess there’s no reason for tracking Tulsa cell phones after all.

https: //nymag - com/intelligencer/2020/06/trump-holds-controversial-indoor-rally-in-tulsa-updates - html

The impact the low turnout will have on Trump, who is notoriously obsessed with public perception of the sizes of crowds and other things, is not going to be pretty — and the knives were already out in Trump World on Sunday, while the blame-shifting started before the rally had even begun.


Trump reportedly flipped out backstage, then looked defeated afterwards

The New York Times reported Sunday that the president was rattled after seeing the small crowd in person at the rally:

The president, who had been warned aboard Air Force One that the crowds at the arena were smaller than expected, was stunned, and he yelled at aides backstage while looking at the endless rows of empty blue seats in the upper bowl of the stadium, according to four people familiar with what took place.


Trump, whose reelection campaign motto is “Keep America Great,” championed Confederate “heritage”

in the middle of a popular national protest movement against racial injustice.
You neither need be a dog nor tone-deaf to hear this whistle …


Trump treated the coronavirus like a joke and said he asked to slow down testing

He also complained about how increased testing for the coronavirus — a critical part, and failure, of the government’s response to the pandemic which Trump and his administration deserve much of the blame for — was making him look bad. In a comment which may prove to be a nightmare for the president and his campaign, Trump tried to dismiss the ongoing surge of coronavirus cases as a matter of increased testing, then told the crowd that he asked his staff to “slow the testing down please.”


He also made a racist joke about the virus’ origins


And he made it clear that personal tragedies caused by the pandemic were less important to him than saying something like this


After downplaying the risk, the Trump campaign acknowledged that six advance team members tested positive for COVID-19


Trump derailed his own rally’s buzz by firing a U.S. attorney
The president reportedly spent much of Saturday concerned that coverage of his rally was being overshadowed by his campaign staff members’ positive COVID-19 tests and his and Attorney General William Barr’s abrupt ousterof U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman. Per CNN:


There was an epic, overlong digression in which Trump overcompensated for his bizarre conduct at West Point
Everyone should have been prepared for this to happen after Trump got so defensive last week about his ramp-inching at West Point’s graduation ceremony, but few could have predicted the overcompensation would last so long and be so painfully awkward:

Trump demonstrates lifting glass to his mouth. Crowd goes wild.


Saturday night also provided a live demonstration of why Trump’s campaign and allies are worried that the president won’t be able to land many effective attacks on Biden: the former vice president is a hard target, and going after him is not as energizing for Trump or his base as attacking Hillary Clinton was. Trump’s 2016 campaign and his entire political career has always been far more about who he was against than anything he was for — and all he typically has to say about Biden is either about the former vice president’s age or the vague notion that Amtrak Joe is beholden to the very elements (leftists) within the Democratic Party that he defeated to win the nomination.


Trump celebrated the potential of his supporters — for violence,

“Our people are not nearly as violent, but if they ever were, it would be a terrible day for the other side. Because I know our people.” – Trump


There would have been one less empty seat in the arena if the Trump campaign hadn’t made police remove a woman wearing an “I Can’t Breathe” shirt from the line


The Trump administration waived its European travel ban for one special guest in “the national interest”
Nigel Farage, who is one of the UK’s biggest nativists and Brexit cheerleaders, and arguably its number one Trump fan — got special treatment ahead of the rally: “US Department of Homeland Security says Nigel Farage was allowed to board flight as it was in “the national interest”. He was initially denied boarding.”



Poor t rump, hatred and adoration is what keeps this guy puffed up.

How can an intelligent country elect such criminal scum, oh yeah considering how much Russia had invested in him, guess they are the one’s who should get the credit for pulling a fast one on silly shallow Hollywood Americans.




Excuse me while I take a data dump:


Here’s a glimpse at Trump’s decades-long history of business ties to Russia
John Haltiwanger and Sonam Sheth Mar 22, 2019,

https :// www - businessinsider - com/trump-russia-business-financial-ties-2018-11

How Russian Money Helped Save Trump’s Business
After his financial disasters two decades ago, no U.S. bank would touch him. Then foreign money began flowing in.


https :// foreignpolicy - com/2018/12/21/how-russian-money-helped-save-trumps-business/

Following the Money: Trump and Russia-Linked Transactions From the Campaign to the Presidential Inauguration
By Diana Pilipenko and Talia Dessel December 17, 2018

https :// www - americanprogress - org/issues/democracy/reports/2018/12/17/464235/following-the-money/

Trump’s Russian Money
The big carrot in U.S. relations has been access to Western banks and real estate.

By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. Jan. 23, 2018

https :// www - wsj - com/articles/trumps-russian-money-1516754961

Big mouth, but zero substance.


But wait there’s more,

https: //www - businessinsider - com/trump-saudi-arabia-financial-interests-ties-hotel-bookings-sales-2018-10

Trump said he has ‘no financial interests in Saudi Arabia.’ But his businesses have made millions from the Saudi government, and the crown prince gave his New York City hotel a huge boost.
Bob Bryan, Nov 21, 2018

President Donald Trump stood by Saudi Arabia in a statement on Tuesday, despite the CIA reportedly concluding that Saudi crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Following the uproar over Khashoggi’s disappearance, Trump tweeted that he had “no financial interests in Saudi Arabia.”

The Trump Organization does not have any buildings in Saudi Arabia, but his businesses have accepted large amounts of money from the Saudi government.

For instance, Trump’s hotel in New York City saw a huge financial boost from the visit of Crown Prince Mohammed in early 2018.

Additionally, Trump has had ties to Saudi investors for over two decades.

https: //qz - com/1425852/a-saudi-prince-helped-save-trump-from-bankruptcy-twice/

A Saudi prince helped save Trump from bankruptcy—twice
October 16, 2018

By Max de Haldevang

https: //www - cnbc - com/2018/10/16/trump-says-no-financial-interests-in-saudi-arabia-but-makes-money.html

Trump claims he has ‘no financial interests in Saudi Arabia’ — but he makes lots of money from it
Dan Mangan, OCT 16 2018

President Donald Trump said Tuesday that “I have no financial interests in Saudi Arabia” — but in fact he has boasted in the past that “I make a lot of money with them.”

Trump has sold apartments and a yacht for millions of dollars to Saudis, and recent decreases in bookings in his New York and Chicago properties since he has been president have been offset, to some extent, by business from Saudi customers.

Trump’s tweet denying a financial stake in Saudi Arabia comes amid a growing furor over suspicions that the country’s rulers ordered the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul on Oct. 2.

https: //www - americanprogress - org/issues/security/news/2017/06/14/433956/trumps-conflicts-interest-saudi-arabia/

Trump’s Conflicts of Interest in Saudi Arabia
By Carolyn Kenney and John Norris June 14, 2017

Deals before diplomacy
President Donald Trump’s early entanglements with Saudi Arabia largely consisted of wealthy Saudis buying his assets on the cheap as he veered time and again into bankruptcy. In 1991, Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal purchased Trump’s yacht, Trump Princess, after Trump was forced to surrender it to creditors because he was roughly $900 million in debt. Talal’s purchase provided Trump “with desperately needed cash” at the time, according to Newsweek. In 1995, Trump’s lenders pressured him to sell the Plaza Hotel in New York City, which Talal purchased for $325 million, $65 million less than what Trump paid for it in 1988. Over the years, Trump and Talal have exchangedTwitter jabs at one another. In one such exchange, the Saudi prince highlighted how he twice bailed Trump out, this coming after Trump retweeted an apparently Photoshopped image of Talal with television journalist Megyn Kelly, claiming the prince was a co-owner of Fox News.

During the presidential campaign, Trump was particularly critical of the Clinton Foundation for its links to Saudi Arabia. Yet in August 2015, Trump registered eight separate companies whose names indicate that the companies were created specifically to conduct business in Saudi Arabia. …

https: //www - nytimes - com/2019/03/21/world/middleeast/kushner-saudi-arabia.html

The Kingdom and the Kushners: Jared Went to Riyadh. So Did His Brother.

By David D. Kirkpatrick, March 21, 2019

In late October 2017, Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law and Middle East adviser, dropped into Saudi Arabia for an unannounced visit to the desert retreat of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who was in the process of consolidating his power. The two men talked privately late into the night.

Just a day earlier, Mr. Kushner’s younger brother, Josh, then 32, was flying out of the kingdom.

Jared came to talk policy, but Josh was there on business.

The founder of an eight-year-old venture capital firm, Josh Kushner had spent the three days before his brother’s arrival at an investor conference, where Prince Mohammed had promised to spend billions of dollars on a high-tech future for Saudi Arabia.

As others sat through speeches in a gilded conference hall, several participants said, the younger Mr. Kushner frequently ducked out for more exclusive conversations with Saudi officials. …


Half Truth at best they say, consider how they bend backwards for the guy, take it for whatever that’s worth.


Moral of the stories (and so many more),

this trump character is not an American President, he is an American Traitor of the first degree, with malice and aforethought.



Now, now, the T rump is a vile and above-the-law criminal traitor of the USA of the lowest sort, but he explained his difficulty of needing 2 hands to drink water at West Point. He related that he had just used his arm to salute over 600 times, thus he needed the 2nd arm to help him get the water to his mouth.

I am, right now, conducting an experiment on myself for the sake of my country. I just lifted my right hand to my forehead at least 650 times in a saluting type motion. (Maybe as many as 750, I lost count along the way). Now I will attempt to take a drink of water using only my right hand and arm.

I promise you, I am more sedentary than the T rump, and I am getting close to his old ness.

Yet, I lifted a 16 oz glass of ice water to my mouth and took a drink without the slightest need to also engage my left arm and hand.

Hence, I think that his excuse for needing two hands to drink from a bottle of water, is bogus.

For my next trick, I will attempt to walk down a ramp without looking like a doddering old fool. (Just kidding, I don’t have a ramp handy.)



Yet, I lifted a 16 oz glass of ice water to my mouth and took a drink without the slightest need to also engage my left arm and hand.

Hence, I think that his excuse for needing two hands to drink from a bottle of water, is bogus.

It isn’t bogus. Trump said he didn’t want to spill water on his silk tie. (What are you wearing? A t-shirt from Walmart?)

A Christian Lacroix tie could set you back a thousand bucks. And it’s not just the money. Guys like Trump hate screwing up even if it’s a drop of water on a silk tie. It doesn’t take much to get him telling the chumps working for him “you’re fired!”

It isn’t bogus. Trump said he didn’t want to spill water on his silk tie. (What are you wearing? A t-shirt from Walmart?)
I wasn't wearing anything. That ice water on my bare skin would have been oh so chilly.

But you put things in proportion when you come up with the excuse that a “Christian Lacroix tie could set you back a thousand bucks.” Do you think that the amount of money an a-hole pays for a tie, makes up for them acting like a doofus? They are still just a doofus with a nice tie. A tie that he apparently couldn’t keep tied when pouting about his small crowd size.

Do you think that the amount of money an a-hole pays for a tie, makes up for them acting like a doofus?
Money makes up for everything. It's pixie dust.



Money makes up for everything. It’s pixie dust.
Oh, ok, your beloved t rump is a rich doofus with an expensive tie. Since his money can make up for everything, can he use it to bring back the 121,000 who have died due to his doofus-like incompetence and his pathological self-love?

Can all his money cure his pathological narcissism? If it could, would he use his money in that way? (Hint: of course not).

Next up, the t rump intends to continue his COVID spreading campaign tour to Arizona.


(The t rump) is likely to receive a raucous reception when he addresses a Students for Trump event in Phoenix hosted by the conservative group Turning Point Action. The organization, led by 26-year-old activist Charlie Kirk, has repeatedly turned out swaths of young conservatives for high-energy events attended by the president.

Trump’s attendance may refocus attention on Kirk’s controversial online commentary, which has included repeating an unproven conspiracy theory that Chinese officials were burning coronavirus patients alive.

Those young people sound like some real winners… NOT!!!

My theory on the dotard insisting on having rallies is that he wants the virus to spread. I’d say it is to have so many sick that voter turnout is low, but that reason doesn’t make sense because he’s making his supporters sick. So I can’t even guess why he wants to spread the virus. The number of how many who are sick already makes him look bad, especially to other nations.

His relationship with reality seems to me to be compromised. He often times seems to have magical thinking. I wonder if he does not believe on some level, that he can create reality with his lies.

He has often affected reality with his lies. So maybe he thinks he can cause the virus to fade away, by convincing everyone that it just doesn’t matter.

Part of him seems to believe that if we stopped testing for it, there would be no new cases.

When the deaths have clearly started to rise again, which I think, with this guy in charge, they will, he will be forced to acknowledge them again, eventually.

His relationship with reality seems to me to be compromised.
We all knew that long before we allowed him to become the most popular person in American and win the 2016 election, while Hilary played the stone cold bitch that couldn't relate to people or talk to them. And no one else in the Democratic Party figured out how to expose him for what he is. Oh but we aren't supposed to be pissed at them, they have it under control.


And no one else in the Democratic Party figured out how to expose him for what he is.
I don't think exposing Trump was the issue. I think everyone saw him for what he is and expected that would keep him out of the White House. Instead, those who vote for him are telling us they like him because he "tells it like it is". That's populism. You don't counter that by "exposing" it. It's already exposed. It takes words like "politically correct" and "woke" and turns them into brands and makes them mean "wrong". With the degradation of journalism, it takes reality and turns it into "fake news". Are you saying you have a solution? I don't think you even understand the problem.
Oh but we aren’t supposed to be pissed at them, they have it under control.
What does this even mean?
Money makes up for everything. It’s pixie dust. -- Sree
Whenever Sree posts a meme from a movie or something, I'm left wondering if he doesn't know the context, or if he is sending us coded messages.

From wikipedia about the movie:

The story focuses on a married, middle-class couple who resort to robbery when the husband's employer goes bankrupt.
Whenever Sree posts a meme from a movie or something, I’m left wondering if he doesn’t know the context, or if he is sending us coded messages.
Did Jesus know the context when he told a parable? If you don't get the allegory, that's too bad; especially, when you see yourself as the Son of God and every other guy in your milieu as your disciple.

The Jim Carrey video had nothing to do with the movie story anymore than a pile of bullshit has anything to do with the evolution of the Texas longhorn. Let’s pray that the Second Coming will be less befuddling.


Oh, ok, your beloved t rump is a rich doofus with an expensive tie.
That’s the starving dog’s view, at the ground floor, of the fat cat on the 51st floor.
Since his money can make up for everything, can he use it to bring back the 121,000 who have died due to his doofus-like incompetence and his pathological self-love?
You are just upset with your life and taking it out on someone who made it to the top job in the country. There is nothing pathological about having a high self-esteem; especially, when you can beat all the politicians in America to the presidency on a first attempt without ever being in politics.
Can all his money cure his pathological narcissism? If it could, would he use his money in that way? (Hint: of course not).
There is nothing wrong with him. He is not even taking your money and doing the job pro bono. He prefers being Donald Trump and considers it a step down playing President of the United States. He has to finish the job. Four more years, and he is off to the races playing King of the World.