A decent President with foresight and good judgement

Wouldn’t that be nice? Joe Biden in JANUARY, said:

"The possibility of a pandemic is a challenge Donald Trump is unqualified to handle as president. I remember how Trump sought to stoke fear and stigma during the 2014 Ebola epidemic. He called President Barack Obama a “dope” and “incompetent” and railed against the evidence-based response our administration put in place — which quelled the crisis and saved hundreds of thousands of lives — in favor of reactionary travel bans that would only have made things worse. He advocated abandoning exposed and infected American citizens rather than bringing them home for treatment.
<i>Trump’s demonstrated failures of judgment and his repeated rejection of science make him the worst possible person to lead our country through a global health challeng</i>e.

THAT was JANUARY. At that point, only 80 people in the world were known to have died from COVID-19, and that was all in China. If we had had Joe Biden as President, then, (just a mere several weeks ago) we would be living in a different world than the T rump shitshow we have now.






Trump is a very serious threat to the people of the USA.

He simply never takes advice, doesn’t know how to plan, doesn’t know how to lead, doesn’t care who gets impacted by his decisions.

What kills me is the complete lack of bravery among those close to him, any one of several well placed people could take their turn on the podium at the next press conference and say:

“Good evening, I want the American public to know that the President has become an immovable obstacle for many of us on this task force, there is little chance of the country handling this crisis in the rational and efficient manner that becomes us as a nation while the President continues to lie to the public and places an obscene emphasis on his reelection campaign. Because of this I am resigning from my position here as I can no longer perform my duties while this President continues to undermine our efforts.”

If these people really feel that this pandemic is truly serious then that seriousness justifies them taking such a step.


"Because of this I am resigning from my position here as I can no longer perform my duties while this President continues to undermine our efforts.”
If White House staff had a union, that might work. But as it is, the work at the discretion of the President. Trump has even figured out how to get around congressional approval. Firing Comey should have brought him down, but congress would have to act, and many of them have only got where they are by kissing up to the power structures. So, either we get people who can figure how to speak to us in code, or we end up with even more incompetent appointees.

Or in a case like Bolton, wait for the book to come out. So he not only doesn’t do his duty for the American people, but we pay him for it on top of that.

When I can shake the impending clouds of doom, I find it almost funny to watch Fauci dance around with what he says so as to not offend T rump’s narcistic demands. Fauci tries to tell the scientific truth, while somehow also not directly opposing any idiotic assertion the DOTUS makes. He is quite a dancer.

Donald Trump is happier these days since it finally occurred to him (after being told by an aid) that this national crisis could redound to his benefit. He sees giving checks to everyone, rich corporations included as a way of buying votes. If people don’t know by know that he cares only about being praised and admired, they never will. Trump supporters have guzzled down the kool-aid and then took a long soaking bath in it. He cares nothing about the public debt he’ll leave the country when he leaves office and neither do any of his gullible followers. They’ll simply blame it on Hillary. If Donald Trump would order the national guard to close down all voting locations in November his followers would cheer and willingly choose him as dictator for life. These red-blooded, true blue, super patriots represent the worst in our nations body politic and are the same loud complainers who hate immigrants, hate “socialism” hate the thought of women being free to regulate their own bodies, hate the idea of America as one nation among others and most of all bristle at the thought or suggestion they could be wrong about something. Barack Obama was accurate when he described them as retreating to their “guns and bibles”.

I hope the current impostor is voted out overwhelmingly in November but I’m not as sure as I used to be. If Trump shows up for the debate and he may not, he will by that time have already announced his intention to legalize marijuana and he’ll quickly point out that Joe Biden (gladly, not reluctantly) voted for a crime bill that resulted in tens of thousands of arrests for possessing this harmless substance. Trump will hit Joe Biden point blank during the debate with this charge and Biden will have that “deer in the headlights” look as if completely unaware. Donald Trump is a disaster for this country but Democrats always seem to be a lame disappointment.

It should be changed to a Schedule II drug. We should move in a direction to make sure it’s not a criminal offense, it’s a civil offense,” he said. “Any conviction at all for marijuana now or in the future or in the past, your record should be wiped clean. It’s not something that is going to send anybody to jail.

Joe Biden on marijuana.

“…I would decriminalize and I would provide for the ability of the researchers to get in and make sure we got it right this time.” Joe Biden.

The Dems are basically, now, a party of pro-legalization of pot, so do not despair. A long time Senator is always going to have some things in their past that they should have voted differently on were they running for President. Even the man of eternal impeccable integrity (Bernie) has some gun support bills that he should not have voted for.

Yes Tim what you say is true, politicians who’ve been around for awhile have had to “update” their views on social issues. Barack Obama was opposed to gay marriage when he was first elected but changed his mind when public opinion changed. At one time in this country if a candidate didn’t support the death penalty especially in the South their chance of winning an election was minimal. Democrats are more likely to evolve in their views on social issues whereas Republicans never seem to change their thinking on any issues because their constituencies are backward looking and often feel threatened by any progressive change.

@hugo He simply never takes advice, doesn’t know how to plan, doesn’t know how to lead, doesn’t care who gets impacted by his decisions.
You forgot to mention his pettiness and his need to GET EVEN and that his basic impulse has always been tossing PR bombs and institutional vandalism. But, that's what Americans wanted a brainless angry talker and what Democrats were too smug to confront and expose.

I couldn’t believe even T rump would keep harping on his pet topic of late at the Daily Pandemic Propaganda Panel. He kept going on and on about the wonderous Hydrocloroquin to treat C-19. He even said at one point that he thinks he is going to try some himself (I guess he meant as a prophylactic.)

Also, at one point he told a reporter that people are being tested for C-19 when they arrive at airports (from other states and countries). I think he must have been confabulating, because this is just not happening at our airports, as far as anybody knows.

It was a 2 hr session. Some of what Fauci and the woman (I never recall her name) said was interesting. T rump again vacillated between advocating the shut down and advocating getting our economy opened back up. The freak could not lead us out of a brown paper bag. But he sure can get him some airtime. 1 to 2 hrs of the Pandemic Propaganda Panel, everyday, is good for his campaign and ego. Not so good for the nation, at least not for his part.

Wow. annkc, I think you are right about the $2 trillion Act that Congress passed being potentially determined to be unconstitutional, because giving them money to pay church expenses, definitely affects their establishment of religion.-- If someone were to press it all the way to the SCOTUS.-- Who knows, then, what the right wing SCOTUS would do?

I share your discombobulated frustration with the people you are referring to. They seem to deny reality and mold it into what they want it to be, as their leader, the T rump would have them do.

Not to belabor my point that these are mostly regular human beings without personality disorders, but unfortunately, I think that human beings are naturally capable of idiotically following a chosen but characterologically-flawed alpha figure (even though it seems like a form of madness to us).

I appreciate you input.

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Ann, I meant to say something about the power of propaganda, but I see you posted a link to FOX News’s propaganda. So you know. There is also another cable news outlet that is also highly devoted to T rump propaganda. It is called OAN.

From the link:

"The FBI also warned that extremists were encouraging their followers to try to infect Jewish people with coronavirus by going "any place they may be congregated, to include markets, political offices, businesses and places of worship.”

So we have the alt right fascists trying to infect Jews. Plus we have the Evangelicals spreading the C-19 in order to be true to their chosen dogma and refusing to observe social distancing.

How about the FBI protect the Evangelicals by shutting down their mass congregating?

We all have the Constitutional right to peaceably assemble, but we accept a temporary restriction on that right, in order to save lives of fellow citizens. We are at war with the C-19. The Evangelicals, with their mass congregations, are offering safe harbor to the C-19 virus, and helping it expand its invasion. Doesn’t that mean they are giving aid and comfort to the enemy in a time of war (aka treason)?

I wasn’t talking about QAnon. I looked into that a while back but I forget what it was all about. Some insane conspiracy nonsense?

I was talking about the cable news network OAN (One America News). They are hardcore Trumpians.

It seems to me that federal funding for security for all religious gatherings would require a law. And the Constitution says that Congress shall make no law regarding the establishment of religion. So it might turn out to be an unconstitutional law.

It is concerning, or as you say, chilling, to hear about the <b>Dept of Homeland Security </b>PARTERNERING with the<b> Center for Faith and Opportunity Initiatives</b> and the <b>Faith-Based Information Sharing and Analysis Organization</b>.

On the last post about communism and scribble, I sense that you were saying something clever, but I have no idea what you meant.

A decent President with foresight and good judgement.

Yeah, lets hope Biden choses and good VP.

My first choice would be ElizabethWarren. Though some tell me she’s more valuable in Congress, I don’t know. It’s always seemed to me she’s real good at explaining things, and if America needs anything it needs an excellent patient teacher, bring a little sanity back into the public dialogue and American expectations.

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