What the cfi forum means to me

My dad and I had many points we had both agreed upon and some of those some of which we had disagreed with. He was the one who drew me to this forum and to what I felt had been a great place where people could openly discuss and even argue against the social norms of what others believe to be entrenched in the ideas of what they to believe as being fact. I felt, and still do in some way that this is a place that can really be one that still opens itself to discussion of issues rather than one that perpetuates the thumbs up tribal mentality of banning those who disagree with the forums narrative. This is what creates open discussion in a time riddled with a cancel culture of people who seemingly love to believe that all those who disagree must be removed. I give credit where it is due since I haven’t been banned by lausten who could have easily done this years back as someone in his position to shut down anyone such as myself of who (subjective noun) may come off as being too contentious. I’m not here to piss people off. I’m here to get perspective and argue against ideas that I don’t agree with. This forum would be useless to me if I spent all my time here of circle jerking with people who always agree. The value that I hold here is that we can disagree and still learn from each other.

btw just to make it clear that this is not about sucking up to the head moderator. If Lausten was a jackass narcissist I would have had no problem dumping on him for acting in any such ways possible. I don’t care to be any part of the lovefest circle jerk world that everyone seems want to be a part of. Stroking your own ego by finding people who always agree with you have no interest to me. I’d rather learn that I’m wrong than live in a fantasy world just to fulfill some daddy issues of the past. Learning from your mistakes is the only way a person can grow, but from what I see now in the world around me has become just the opposite.

I am relatively new on this forum, but i like it as it gives me views upon USA ways of thinking. And yes we can disagree as long as every one is polite. And yes freedom of “speech” is important as long as one does not proffer racist opinions and so.

@mitch70 Lausten hasn’t been a mod for several years. He started, at most maybe 2 years ago. I know this because I’m the mod who suggested he be a mod after the other mods left. I believed and still do believe, that Lausten has good qualities to be a mod. IMHO he does a good job of it and I’m getting the message that I made a good choice in a replacement mod. BTW, he’s not the head mod. Neither one of us are head mods. We are equal as mods. Anyway, I appreciate the feedback concerning my choice as a co-moderator to replace the ones who left and run past the powers that be so that they could set him up as another mod on the forum. I was the only one for a while and had to make a choice so I wasn’t moderating the whole board alone. Am I looking for a third one to make it 3 mods again? IF I do or Lausten does feel someone could be a good mod, it will be discussed between Lausten and myself before a final decision is made and ran past the powers that be.


Have you read CFI’s Mission Statement ? If not, I recommend you do, as it spells out what the forum is about and the principles on which it is founded…


@Mitch70, I’m not going to quote anything from posts because 90% are rules violations. You are just stringing insults together for most of them with no substance. As the dude says, “yeah, like, that’s your opinion man”. I don’t know why you would feel it’s necessary to tell us these thoughts since your thoughts are that we don’t care what you think. If that is true, that’s not how you reach someone. That’s the cool thing about logic and reason; even when you are completely frustrated and don’t think communicating is working at all, it’s still the best choice.

What The Cfi Forum Means To Me
CFI mean a cool, if under appreciated forum for interesting people to have discussion with each other.

But, it’s sort of like that cowboy story about his horses, you can lead them to water, but you can’t make them drink.


I actually don’t understand what this thread is about, but it seems like a good place to say:

Thank you Lausten for the thankless job you are doing.

We butt heads now and then, still I think you’re doing a wonderful job of it.

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Okay, let’s do some clarifying. There is no “tribal mentality” or “forum narrative” here. If you think there is, please open a thread in “Issues and Complaints”. Discussing this further in any other thread will lead to being banned.

I was not a moderator until recently and have no memory, no authority and will take no actions regarding posts that happened years ago. There is no such thing as a head moderator, as you were recently informed.

Repetitious posting is specifically listed in the rules. Read the rules.

Some words that could lead to being banned; pissed off, circle jerk, sucking up, jackass. Some words are less commonly considered offensive, but anything used as an insult with no logical value can lead to being banned. This includes quoting those words and saying they are funny.