WOW who'da thought it.

Guess I was too busy listening to the Doors in 1969
Now I gotta rethink reputations yet again.

Oh hell, its don’t stop there.

just trying to make conversation.

When I watched the first one, I was thinking, she moves a little like Joe Cocker.
There’s something just a little too smooth about Tom Jones. I guess some people prefer that, but I like the more raw emotion of a good blues rock singer. Is is just me, or does the band tone it down just a little when Jones is singing alone, but Cocker can hold up with any level drums or whatever?

Oh I always liked Tom Jones. I wonder who was helping who on these…like somebody trying to get Cocker or Joplin a little more mainstream publicity so they brought in Tom. Two other things about Joe: does anyone remember when floods were cool? I do. And what do you think would happen if someone stuck an actual guitar in his hands? He’s always air guitarin’, man he’d probably give Jimi a run.

Totally relevant Belushi as Joe Cocker clip:]