If anyone says that his/her religion is the only path to God and that other paths lead to hell, I have one humble question. The question is for every religion without any trace of partiality. The simple question is: Today I have heard your Religion and if I follow that, I reach God and if I refuse I will go to the hell for my own fault. This is very much reasonable. But before your ancestors discovered our country, the literature or even the name of your religion was not known to our ancestor and he could not reach God for no fault of him. But your ancestor reached God through your religion at that time.


Even if I assume that my ancestor will take rebirth now and will follow your religion to reach God, such possibility is ruled out because you say that there is no rebirth for the soul. Thus my ancestor suffered forever for no fault of him and the responsibility for this falls on the partiality of God. Had the God been impartial, He could have revealed your religion to all the countries at a time. Had that happened, my ancestor might have also reached God as your ancestor. Therefore your statement proves your own God partial.


The only way left over to you to make your God impartial is that you must accept that your God appeared in all the countries at a time in various forms and preached your path in various languages. The same form did not appear everywhere and the same language does not exist everywhere. The syllabus and explanation are one and the same, though the media and teachers are different. Can you give any alternative reasonable answer to my question other than this? Certainly not! Any person of any religion to any other religion can pose this question.


Moreover every religion states that their God only created this world. Unfortunately this world is one only and every God cannot create the same world. There are no many worlds to justify that each God created His own world. Therefore any human being with an iota of commonsense has to agree that there is only one impartial God who created this one world and He came in different forms to different countries and preached the same path in all the languages simultaneously at one time.


Let this logic sword of the divine knowledge cut the rigid conservatism of the religious fans in this world to establish the Universal Peace. I need not beg all these religious followers to be united and harmonious to each other for the sake of world peace. Such begging appeals are made enough in the past. The religious fans feel that there is no unity really in the religions but they have to be united since their kind hearts melted by these appeals. Thus a temporary change was only brought. At the maximum one generation of the followers got united. The next generation fights with each other because they feel that there is no real unity in them due to lack of the real unity in their religious scriptures.


A permanent solution for this does not lie in the begging appeals, which may or may not unite the followers. Even if the appeals unite such unity is not permanent. If the real unity in all the religious scriptures is exposed through the logical divine knowledge, the followers have to be united for generations together. Therefore, My attack is not on the hearts of the followers through love and kindness. My attack is on all the religious scriptures through intellectual logical analysis of divine knowledge. The unity of hearts through love can be only temporary. The unity of brains through intellectual analytical divine knowledge will be permanent. Hearts agree but brains realize. Agreement is temporary, but realization is permanent. Thus this is My first blow of My divine Conch shell for the permanent unity of all the religions aiming at eternal Universal Peace.



The unimaginable God and His unimaginable power (māyā) are one and the same, whereas God’s imaginable power is different from Him. It has undergone modification to become creation (prakṛti) or it appears to be creation. How the unimaginable God possesses an imaginable power, which is different from Him, is unimaginable. Such a wonder is possible only due to His unimaginable power! Our logical analysis and entire knowledge are limited only to this creation, which is the imaginable domain. Hence, it is a waste of time to think about any aspect of the unimaginable domain.


This world, which is the imaginable domain, has plurality. The plurality supplies different media for the unimaginable God for His expression. It enables Him to enter into various selected human devotees in order to become Human Incarnations of God. The human devotee becomes a medium for the entry of the unimaginable God. Thus, God has incarnated in this world in different regions in different times to establish the different religions in the world. Of course, the unimaginable God does not directly enter any medium.


At the very beginning of creation, the unimaginable God first created subtle energy or space. He created the first form or body out of that subtle energy and entered into it to become the first Energetic Incarnation. This first energetic form became the first medium of God. This first mediated form of God or the first Energetic Incarnation is called as Datta or Īśvara in Hinduism and Father of heaven in other religions. There is no trace of difference between the unimaginable God and the first Energetic Incarnation, except that the former is unimaginable while the latter is imaginable. The energetic form of Datta is visible to energetic beings in the upper worlds.


For humans on earth, Datta is invisible but still imaginable. The first Energetic Incarnation, Datta, is also eternal like the unimaginable God; i.e. both have no end. The only difference is that Datta had a beginning from the point of view of His energetic medium, while the unimaginable God has no beginning. It is this Datta that enters a selected human devotee to become a Human Incarnation. The unimaginable God is permanently present in the energetic medium of Datta. That Datta, containing the unimaginable God, enters into the physical medium of a human devotee. Thus, the unimaginable God is equally present in the Human Incarnation.


God incarnates in human form on earth in every human generation. The human media into which God Datta enters each time is different as a result of the plurality that is inherent in the imaginable domain. In other words, one Incarnation looks different from another Incarnation. One Incarnation may appear in a place where people follow say Hinduism, while another Incarnation may appear in a place where people follow a different religion. The Incarnation’s external dress, language, and manners will naturally be according to the culture of the place where He has appeared. This enables Him to mix freely with the people He has come to preach and uplift. But these differences are only external.


From the point of view of the first Energetic Incarnation, Datta or Father of heaven, present in each of them, all Incarnations are one and same. From the point of view of the unimaginable God present in all the Incarnations too, they are one and the same. Thus, all these different mediated Gods are actually one in essence. If you look at the medium, which is part of the imaginable domain, there is plurality. If you look at the internal God Datta or the unimaginable God present in all of them, then there is only one. This truth applies equally to the sub-religions within Hinduism or the different world religions. This analysis is the fundamental basis for bringing unity among the sub-religions of Hinduism and among the various religions in the world.


Universal spirituality is the solution for these problems… The Universal Spirituality is the basic universal knowledge or philosophy. The one God, who created this entire creation and who is the kind Father of all humanity, preached the same common universal knowledge to people in different places and times. The Universal Religion is the universal practical path of worshipping that one God and maintaining justice and peace in the world. The mode of worship is a part of culture and the variations in it are a matter of personal choice. The spirituality and religion are thus the theoretical and practical parts of the spiritual path and both are universal.

Universal Spirituality and Universal Religion have been established by God Datta now through this Datta Swami. Earlier, Shri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa had experienced the unity of all religions by practicing every religion for some time. Śaṅkara had similarly, established the unity of all the sub-religions within Hinduism. Shri Shirdi Sai Baba and Shri Satya Sai Baba too had established the unity of world religions. Every religion will lead a person to the same God. So, conversion to another religion is the biggest foolishness that any devotee can do. When all roads lead to the same center, is it not the height of foolishness to leave your road and laterally cross over to another road that leads to the same center? Good times for this entire world are very near. This Universal Spirituality and Religion will bring tremendous unity among all religions. You said that you are following the philosophy of Hinduism. In the spiritual knowledge or philosophy there is no name of any religion since knowledge is always universal.

Parents take complete care of their children during their childhood. The efforts taken by the parents for their children is service, which is also known as the sacrifice of work. Finally, the parents also transfer all their wealth to their children through their will. This transferring of the wealth is called the sacrifice of the fruit of their work since wealth is the fruit of work. So, the sacrifice of the parents for the sake of their children in terms of the sacrifice of work and the fruit of work is complete. Yet most parents save some wealth for their own old age believing that they will live until they become old. They feel there is a risk in sacrificing their entire wealth to their issues while they are still alive. There is a possibility that if their children are not good, they might not take care of the parents in the future when the parents become old. Sometimes, even if the children are good they could be incapable of serving their parents due to some unfortunate circumstances.

The case of God is different from one’s children. God is not bad; He is extremely good. He is also never incapable. In fact, He is omnipotent. Another important difference is that while one’s children are seen with one’s eyes, God is not seen. There is insecurity for those who depend on the children who are seen by their eyes. But there is complete security for those who depend on the unseen God. Ignorant souls only believe in perception. Giving more importance to their unreliable children who are seen, they shower their real love upon the children. The proof of real love is karma yoga. The sacrifice of work and the fruit of work together are called karma yoga. It is the proof of real love since we practically serve and sacrifice our money only for those whom we truly love. Ignorant people truly love only their children and so they do this karma yoga only for their children who are unreliable. They do not truly love God and they do not do karma yoga for Him even though He is supremely reliable, just because He is unseen. Real devotees are the ones who believe in God through inference. They believe in the unseen, unimaginable God by observing His miracles which are visible but unimaginable. Inference, of course, includes perception since the miracles are perceived. This mentality of the majority of human beings is the climax of blind ignorance. Such blind ignorance is actually not based on either perception or inference but is based only on solidified worldly fascination!

Not only can one adopt any mode of worship, but one can also pray to any form of God belonging to any religion, based on one’s personal liking. The different forms of God of various religions are not different since the one and only God exists in every one of them. When this is the truth of even the forms of God in different religions, then what to speak of the different modes of prayer in religions?

One can adopt any mode of prayer of any religion if you like it. This is the basic right of every person in the Universal Religion, which is based on Universal Spirituality.




Universal Spirituality for World Peace



That’s a really simple logical problem. I’m not sure all the detail was necessary. I don’t know how you would test that though, you’d have to find people who didn’t know the logic, which means you’d have to present it and ask if they had heard that before, so then they would have heard it when you asked. Then you could give them your long version, and do some quizzes as they heard each version to see how well they got it. I guess. Something like that.

I’m not a very good social scientist.

Anyway, welcome to the forum.



Anyway, welcome to the forum.
I thought you were an atheist. Are you opening this forum to the Hindu God, Brahma?

His Holiness Shri Datta Swami is a complete incarnation of the Lord (Pari Purna Avatara). He is here to give this Divine and special knowledge to us.

Sree, you get banned from this forum for being a total jerk, not your religious beliefs.

@Sree I like Hanuman stories. He’s a cool monkey. I also like Bast (Egyptian) stories. I also like Anansi stories (African Spider trickster deity) There is nothing wrong with sharing stories, as long as one doesn’t force their beliefs on others. Sometimes, like Aesop Fables, there is a moral you can appreciate. You just have to practice “all things in moderation”. Just because Jonah was swallowed by a whale doesn’t mean you have to believe the story is true and really happened. That’s how all these stories began, basically. Tribes sat around and told stories, even shared stories and then people would take the stories back to their tribe, eventually making their story theirs (ie flood stories). Some stories weren’t shared and turned into something the tribe made their own- such as some Native Americans have whale stories, but they bare little resemblance to Jonah and the whale, because they aren’t shared stories.

Brahma and Shiva are OK. In fact, I had a Siamese cat I named Shiva, although she wasn’t a destroyer. She was a little lover and sweetheart, which means she could have been one of Krishna’s girlfriends. lol That said, there is a Buddhist story that talks about rope/snake. Sometimes the snake in the dark is just a rope and not a snake at all. So as long as one isn’t being a snake (a total jerk, imposing religious views) they can stay.

Brahma and Shiva are OK.
Swami says atheism is ok too. You do what you like. It's just another form of worship of the Universal Religion, which is based on Universal Spirituality. The one and only God is immanent in all His manifestations.

@sree Just because it’s OK doesn’t mean I or Lausten are going to bow down and worship his gods or believe what he has to say. Not sure why you are taking it so seriously.

Not sure why you are taking it so seriously.
I am not. You guys are taking Swami as a participant seriously. I would never think of engaging a manifestation of Brahma, let alone in a one-to-one conversation or debate. The Hindu God is not an American who believes that all are equal. Swami won't talk to you. He is like our Lady of Fatima.


You guys are taking Swami as a participant seriously. I would never think of engaging a manifestation of Brahma, let alone in a one-to-one conversation or debate.

Why? Is it a sin to you?

The Hindu God is not an American who believes that all are equal.

Actually, it is an United States of America deity. Not everyone in the U.S. is Xian. Some are Jains, some are Hindu, some are Muslim, some are Buddhist, some are Hari Krishnas, some are Jews, some are Shikns, some are Bahkis, some are many other religious beliefs, but not all are Xians.

Swami won’t talk to you.

Then why is he here? Are you really that afraid of him? Are you afraid he could change your beliefs and convert you that easily? If that is the case, your belief wasn’t that strong to begin with.

...any human being with an iota of commonsense has to agree that there is only one impartial God who created this one world and He came in different forms to different countries and preached the same path in all the languages simultaneously at one time.
Swami, salami, boloney.

I am a human being with MORE than an iota of commonsense. I don’t agree that there is any such thing as an actual God at all (impartial or otherwise). There is only human’s concept of gods. It is fiction created by humans throughout our world and throughout history. There are commonalities in diverse religious dogmas, because humans have underlying commonalities from which such fictions arise.

You guys are taking Swami as a participant seriously. -- Sree
You have a strange new definition of taken someone seriously. I'm treating him with respect because he a human being, he is speaking respectfully, and his ideas are not far from ideas that have been expressed in the mainstream of thought for centuries. I don't expect a serious challenge to atheism or my personal beliefs.

I can’t even imagine, how many religions in the world we have.

What’s your religion?

My friends, all people that called themselves a Christian, most know that they must follow Jesus Christ BIBLICAL.

If any other people that don’t believe in God Almighty of the Christians, must read the Bible of the Christians to understand why they believe in God the Creator of everything.

Answered to the question:

There is only two kind of people, or denominations in this world.

This first group of people are the ones that are following men’s teachings.

The second is following God’s teachings.

Matthew 25:31-45. Revelation 12:17 and Revelation 14:12.



Wait for some answers from the other people here. There is no point in asking the same questions in multiple places.

I’m not waiting, I know that only true Christians can answered.

Pip, this is a moderated forum. That means there are rules and your account can be blocked if you don’t follow them. I’m a moderator and I’m asking nicely. There is no requirement here that members be true Christians. Don’t harass people for their religious choices

@pip1961 Some people have to work so they can pay bills too. They don’t have time sit at the keyboard all day and answer your questions. Paying bills is more important than your fantasies.

The words that you are just saying is it beautiful??

My job is done here. I must go to other Satan Atheist forums to call God’s children to come out of Babylon, because here is no salvation. Here is after money. And waiting for the One World Order and One Religion (the Pope).

Don’t let the door hit you in the behind.