Why Trumps former enemies are now friends

So how did someone who absolutely hated and put down Trump in 2016, Cruz for example, morph into such a big supporter? I have two theories:
1 - Cruz et al were “paid a visit” and given an offer they couldn’t refuse. Trump acts like a mob boss, so why do we think he doesn’t have hitmen, just like in the Godfather.
2 - It’s just a show. Here’s a fictional conversation to illustrate the point:

TC: Donald, why did you insult my father, and family like that? It’s horrible and undignified.
DT: Oh Ted, I have no clue about your father, I’m sure he was a great guy. BUT I do know these idiot Republicans, the base, will eat this crap up and I can haul in money because of it. Just play along Teddy boy, then when one of us is in, we’ll line each others pockets like you won’t believe.

Either of these seems plausible.

I’ve been trying to think of #3,
but it doesn’t work,
all attempts lead back to #1 & #2.

This is the Bill Hicks take on it. It needs an update. Whatever conspiracy killed Kennedy has been replaced by a new set of elites, people close to Trump. Maybe something about how Wellstone’s plane went down or something.

Politics is a game, and politicians are much more comfortable with this fact than the public.