Jen Psaki shine's light on a few of trump's victims

While playing his victim trump card like only a soulless sleazy-ball could. Yet, I’m supposed to respect the man - but no one can explain why should I respect him. Can you?
What’s he ever done worth respecting - pissing off the liberals just doesn’t seem like sane reasoning for something as important as running America. How far we have fallen?

‘All because of lies’: Psaki focuses on ‘the victims that Trump left in his wake’ in alleged crimes

Jul 30, 2023 #Trump #Indictment #2024Election

Jen Psaki focuses on the victims and damage left in the wake of Trump’s election lies. Psaki says, "Despite what Donald Trump says on the campaign trail… It’s important to remember that he is not the victim here. The victims are the institutions, the people, and the very foundations that have helped sustain our democracy for over 240 years.”

I mean the crook already had a heck of track record before Putin helped him become a big powerful man.

But the MAGA crowd is okay with that - WHAT DOES THAT SAY ABOUT THEM???
and their integrity and humanity and US patriotism, what do they have to offer America?
Bullying and vandalism, manufactured hatred.

(We, Americans & USA, Are The Proud Melting Pot, u al - we gotta make that work - no going back to 1950s or 1840s)

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