Why is this man smiling?

Guess the big question is did Putin get Trump elected? Or were we Americans stupid enough to do it on our own?

Elect a know-nothing (but the art of bluster and bullying), promoter, conman, reality TV star, narcissist to be President of the United States. WTF do you expect?


[Photo: Xinhua] http://chinaplus.cri.cn/news/china/9/20170427/3696.html

Putin and Xi hail ‘unprecedented’ ties as US relations sour . . .


Trump calls London mayor ‘stone cold loser’ as he lands in England - June 3, 2019



Yessiree, Trump - Making America Great Again - MAGA man, can you dig it.

Oh, but there is this,

Mueller Reminds the Nation That Trump Betrayed the USA Treachery is not always a crime.

DAVID CORN Washington, DC, Bureau Chief


And the last couple of days our dear leader has been making idiotic statements about climate change. He is the worst POTUS we have ever had re: addressing climate change, at a time when we most urgently need a great leader in that respect.

His capacity for inanity is enough to shake the foundations of reality.

Smiling is usually what people do in official photos.

Idiots often smile at nothing.


CC: Did Putin get Trump elected? Or were we Americans stupid enough to do it on our own?

Actually it was stupid Americans along with Putin who got Trump elected. “We” didn’t do it, but there were enough stupid Americans who did. Putin wanted a dupe in the White House and his biggest wish came true. What can we say about the stupid Americans but that they exist, they usually vote and their numbers are growing.

If a majority of the US electorate (in certain states) is as stupid in 2020 as it was in 2016, TrumpAss will definitely be re-elected. Putin and his henchmen have now learned that they didn’t have to try to get Trump elected. They probably took one look at the dumbass majority of the US electorate and they threw up their hands and cheered. They knew they’d never again have to try to get the most stupid US candidate elected. The majority of the American electorate will drop it right into their hands.







“along with Putin who got Trump elected”


still cant take personal responsibility to what the nation has become. In denial

CC Why is this man smiing?


Maybe he is an earth centrist???

Why is this man smiling?

That’s what Xi said.

Player, perhaps you should learn what Earth Centrist is about before making rock dumb idiot remarks. Oh I forgot that’s how you win in America these day. http://citizenschallenge.blogspot.com/2019/04/citizenschallenge-why-you-earth-centrist.html


Yeah Tim about that climate, have you been hearing the wails and lamentation coming out of flooded American corn belt: It’s the worst we’ve ever see, how could any of us have imagined such a thing happening. Shock, pure shock.

Oh course if anyone them had paid any attention, or taken expert advice instead of laughing off everything like a bunch of lunatics, like some we know, perhaps they would be a little less shocked and instead would have been a little more prepared. But, idiot remarks work great at dismissing expert’s advice too. MAGA MAN!


still cant take personal responsibility to what the nation has become. In denial
I don't take Player seriously, but he points to a real problem. His poorly formed sentenced expresses it well, oddly enough. How can I be personally responsible for a nation? I'm did not participate in creating "think tanks" that were designed to do nothing but pump out misinformation and make it sound like it they had been peer reviewed. I did not change the fairness doctrine so political parties no longer got equal time. I didn't even suggest that we should stop having the League of Women Voters run the debates, thus cutting out any hope of hearing from an independent ever again. I stayed away from social media for a long time, until it became something I felt I needed to understand. I understand it's a toxic cesspool disguised as a place you go to see kittens wrestling.

Of the few things I can do; I vote for education funding. I try to keep up on the hidden agenda issues, like gerrymandering. I tell my friends who are against GMOs and vaccines that they are wrong. I quit my church because it didn’t publicly support inclusion of LGBTQ… I pick up trash.

Trump is a product of americas political ideology. Take responsibility.

I voted for Hillary in the general, so Trump is not my fault. Player, what nation produced your distorted political ideology?