Why do so many Americans still believe in the "trump"? That's the terrifying question

24:20 Please think about the man. He has no other strategy except bluster, self-certainty lying, bullying, playing victim, getting vicious - doubling down is all that angry trumpian pea brain can do. What you should be talking about is why so many Americans continue to drink the KoolAid - that’s the really scary part of this story, yet it’s ignored

It’s all theater.

Except these self-serving clowns are our leaders, deciding how our communities and lives unfold.
Republican policies always seem to do harm to real people, whom they simply ignore, “not their problem” and they have endless excuses for their vicious feeling towards all the people they don’t like. Guy is a great in-house example of the dynamic at work, every fact molded into an impenetrable bubble of awareness.

It’s really terrifying, yet one on one, everytime I see mutual respect among individuals, it’s a beautiful day. But put us into our groups . . .

Where do we go from here?

Regarding how the media covers this story, I keep wondering why isn’t there more that simply dissects the personality traits of the man and his psychosis .
Publicly uncover him, like a case of forensics, expose him in light of mental health & illness, look at origins. I think it could reduce some of his power over the imagination.
Lordie knows enough has been written by psychologist and other experts, but none of that seems to raising to the surface. And it’s needed because so many of us know he’s a crazy man, it would be wonderful to have a better clinical understanding of the dysfunction he is living out.

His reactionary history, tell the stories about this dysfunctional child-man, who’s managed to become another crazy master of the universe.

Can we rise above the sad saga of human history. The despot who’s allowed to ruin all for his insanity, look at Russia. And the GOP wants to do the same with this country. It’s a horror watching all this unfold especially since it feels like the general American apathy remains, same as it ever was.

Darcia F. Narvaez Ph.D. - August 8, 2020

Tanya Lewis on January 11, 2021

Is it any wonder that the average con man (snake oil salesman) does so well?

We love to dream of the grass that is greener “just over that hill”. And the con man will guide you there, for a price. Call it “an investment”… :smirk:

I’ve answered this elsewhere. I think most people over analyse the problem. He makes people feel better about themselves BECAUSE he’s stupid and immoral. If you are stupid and immoral, do you want to stand by someone (Obama e.g.) who makes you feel guilty about being that way? Probably not. Simple as that.

And please don’t overthink your response. Of course he and his followers don’t actively think about it this way. They don’t think at all, and that’s fine with them. Also please don’t reply that he’s just a grifter lying to his supporters. Of course he is, he knows how to con people. And his so-called supporters in the government, Cruz, Graham, etc. they know what I’ve just said, and they’ve made the political calculation that he’s a good patsy for them.

Touche’, . . . Although I’m talking about the public narrative aimed at the liberal types, especially all those who believe they are too pure to indulge in the cynical act of voting (on the one freak’n day that your opinion matters to the masters of the world).

It’s about trying to convince people there’s more of us rationalists with compassionate, then of the KoolAid drinking hate filled fanatics - and that we’d better start banding together to vote to protect what freedoms we still have - because the Right Wing is in a War not just against us, they want to destroy us and we don’t even recognize it.

Also some professional advice on how best to speak with the people who have been so terribly mislead by their hero. Or, when trump finally does crumble into a babbling blog, to be there to help them make sense of what happened.

Yeah, lofty dreams, still, why not air some new ideas and approaches?

Trump is not serving a second term so it’s a big exaggeration to claim “so many” Americans still support him. Liberal neuroticism is the only thing keeping Trump 's name in headlines.

And half of them land in jail, the other half ends up broke. All because they believed that Trump could lead them to the promised land, i.e. Power.

So to you concern over what trump and his trumpkins have done to America is a nothing-burger.
Yet he’s sure seems to have sucked the oxygen out of the Republican Party, which seems trapped in a downward spiral thanks to Trumpism.

Besides, you sure do seem to consider liberals as despised enemies!
That’s the problem, along with your own neuroticism exposed.

“It’s such a clean case.”

Jul 28, 2023 #Trump #MaraLago #DOJ

Former Justice Department prosecutor Andrew Weissmann, New York Times Washington correspondent Glenn Thrush, Washington Post national investigative reporter Carol Leonnig, and former top national security official at the Department of Justice Brandon Van Grack react to the former president’s deepening criminal exposure.


A third defendant, Carlos De Oliveira, has been charged in special counsel Jack Smith’s Mar-a-Lago documents investigation.

July 27, 2023, 4:51 PM MDT

By Hayley Miller

Carlos De Oliveira, a Mar-a-Lago maintenance worker, was chargedon Thursday in special counsel Jack Smith’s classified documents investigation.

Donald Trump and his aide Walt Nauta have already been charged in the case and face additional charges with this superseding indictment.

Read the full superseding indictment below:

I heard he tried to erase a server.

Trump allegedly attempted to have surveillance video deleted: Special Counsel - ABC News (go.com)

“Lock him up…Lock him up…!!!”